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Friday, April 23, 2021

Nancy and Maxine: Loons in Toons By Rich Kozlovich

As I go back to research old news about issues and those involved I run into some stuff I ran that's even more appropriate now than it was then.   Nancy insisted the Congress pass Obamacare in order to find out what's in it.  Of course sane people laughed because the Congress is supposed to read bills before voting on them.  But under Obama and Nancy that was just silly, since it would be so much easier to just wait and find out after it's passed.  


As Obama used to say, don't wait, just pass it, now!

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Pelosi questioned President Trump’s fitness before lapsing into insanity, but hey, that's just Nancy being Nancy. Right?  After all, why isn't it normal for her to repeatedly call President Trump, President Bush, forget simple facts about the world and butcher the English language so bad it appears to be rambling nonsense? 

Well, Nancy's 80 years old (another sound reason to pass age and term limits on Congress) and is way past her level of intellectual mediocrity, and getting worse, and the problem is two fold.  How can anyone remember all the illogical, nonfactual clabber she spews out regularly?  And how can anyone explain the unending contradictions of their views and still seem rational?  Could anyone work all that into their comments and seem sane?  That has to be mentally exhausting!  So then, it appears to me at least, Nancy is too mentally exhausted to seem sane.

Then there's Mad Maxine (who the Democrats call Auntie Maxine, imagine that, nothing wrong with their minds Right?) who thinks burning down a city is responsible civics training.  I going to miss Nancy when she ends up in a nursing home with Alzheimer's.  Of course, when she's gone there's still Mad Maxine.  What a great minority leader she could make.  As I said Maxine is known as Auntie Maxine to the Democrats, she's now become an icon, a meme and a hero of the left for her righteous indignation and uncowering fury against Trump, against Republicans, against conservatives, against cops, against law and order, against whites, against the existence of the United States.  The perfect representation of the Democrat party.

On a daily basis she gave the Democrat party - who during the Trump administration we're filled with desperation, anger and exasperation -  hope for the future.  All others may feel like fools, and thought of as fools with their antics, but not Maxine.  No one can make Mad Maxine think she's a fool, since she actually thinks she's brilliant and wise! 

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Now, most loons are pretty much shunned by their peers.  But what about Maxine?   Shunned?  Never!  She's their spiritual leader.  Can you name one Democrat who has come out to condemn her insane rants?  Has there even been one Democrat who has the courage to even attempt to ameliorate her insane rants?  

Mad Maxine for Majority Leader, the gift that keeps on giving!!!!!!  

Anyone against that is a racist, and I want to see any Democrat refute that!  Oh, sure, she's claimed Russia is out to get her, along with anyone on the right, since all conservatives are either KKK, white nationalists and extremists, and it matters not that she's clearly nuts, she's Auntie Maxine, so that's all just fine and dandy.

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I've often wondered how much Maxine must have hated the Obama administration.  Why?  Because she's a big mouth blithering idiot that would run over anyone who stood between her and a camera - much like her fellow Club For the Galacticly Stupid members Nancy Pelosi, John McCain when he was alive, and Lindsay Graham, John Kasich and Liz Chaney, all in order to say the most outrageously stupid things, and in an outrageously stupid way.  She's the gift that keeps on giving.  Even better than Nancy Pelosi, who's clearly being enveloped with either senility, dementia or even Alzheimer's. 

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