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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Uh, I'm Pretty Sure This Kamala Harris Giveaway to Illegals at Detention Centers Is Government Corruption

Matt Vespa | Apr 25, 2021

Kamala Harris is supposed to be quarterbacking border enforcement efforts, which is laughable in the extreme. Where is she? She's AWOL. Meanwhile, illegal alien arrests at the border have gone through the stratosphere. The detention centers are filled to the brim. We have COVID-infected patients being released into the border towns. And Joe Biden is nowhere to be seen. The border is supposedly closed, though the signals suggesting otherwise are present in government policy. Recently, the Biden administration decided to waive the fines lobbed at noncitizens who have refused to leave. Yet, there seems to be another eye-opening move at the border. Vice President Kamala Harris might not be there, but her children's book is there (via NY Post):............To Read More....

Our Group's Take - The left and the mainstream media screamed absolutely bloody murder when Ted Cruz gave unaccompanied illegal alien children at the Border in detention teddy bears oh, that he paid for out of his own pocket. 

Now it would appear that the government is actually using taxpayer dollars to purchase vice president Kamala Harris's children's books to give to unaccompanied illegal alien children... And if there's any peep it all it is to say how wonderful this is. Funny thing, but these children don't speak English. Released the vast majority of them don't. So exactly how are they supposed to even read her book?

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