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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Cycles of Insanity By Rich Kozlovich

Is mass insanity cyclical? During the 60's these leftist loons turned everything upside down with riots and a total rejection of traditional values. 

The downward spiral from that foundation is making the nation even worse than before, with unprecedented violence in many of America's major cities.  But what's mind boggling is that violence is being supported by the political leaders in those cities and those states.  

We're facing economic disaster at every turn, and the left demands more spending, more taxation, more central government control over everyone's life, irrespective of the fact that kind of control has been a dismal failure forever, and everywhere it's been tried. 

From that we've had the consequences of wide spread venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, a huge number of single parent families, grandparents raising their grandchildren, welfare that's out of control, wide spread preventable diseases, an expensive failed system of education at all levels, treason at the highest levels, treason in America's bureaucracy, crimes everyone is aware of and yet no one is being charged, and a total rejection of Judaic/Christian values by the churches who are supposed to be teaching and promoting them. 

Infanticide promoted by a corrupt judiciary, and a corrupt amoral political movement and misfit activists. The education system (at all levels including so-called higher education) that's not only failing to teach our children to read, write and do basic math, they're filling their malleable minds with hatred of the United States, promoting racism, and filling them with insane social paradigms that will doom the nation, just like Venezuela, Greece, and many other socialist failures.  Everything is now racist, including white milk. 

Academia, education, industry, unions, entertainment, along with the judiciary and the media are all complicit in the slow disintegration of the American culture,  and now the left is attacking the only line of defense available to a civilized society.  The police who enforce the rule of law!  

A political party that gone so far to the left they've committed themselves to the destruction of the American identity, the American culture, the America economy, and the destruction of the greatest secular document in human history, the United States Constitution.  A party that's irrational, misanthropic and morally defective.

I find it hard to believe the things I see, the things I read, and the things I write and post about these days.  Recently I watched two of my favorite WWII movies.  The Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan, and even though as a history buff I know about the havoc wrecked on our boys by the German defenders landing at Utah beach, and dropping behind German lines, seeing the representations of the devastation is another thing entirely.  I still find them moving and hard to watch.   

On June 7th it will have been 77 years since the boys stormed the beaches at Normandy.  Of the 16 million Americans who served the nation in WWII there are only 325,000 left and of the 156,000 American, Canadian and British who landed on the five beaches of Normandy, only 1000 Americans are left, all of whom are in their 90's.  They were the proud representatives of the social paradigm of their day.

I've often wondered if they could then have seen what America has become today, would they asked themselves: "Is this what I'm willing to die for?"  Knowing that generation they probably would have said yes, because they would have probably thought America will overcome and survive.  

But I wonder if that's what will happen.  Those heroes will all be gone soon, and the heroes who took their place are outnumbered, were despised, and treated with contempt, and they're now living in a social paradigm that's abandoned the foundational values that made America great.


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