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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Abraham Accords March On While Saudi Arabia Drifts to China

The Biden administration is pushing all the wrong buttons. 
 By April 25, 2021

The Biden administration barrels full steam ahead on its quest to seal a deal with Iran. It already is willing to concede sanctions relief, as reported by the Wall Street Journal and confirmed (in a word salad) by the State Department. The Biden administration wants to clinch “all of the JCPOA and nothing but the JCPOA,” while it ignores positions shared by House and Senate members, as well as Israel, that a deal with Iran should be more holistic and address Iran’s ballistic missiles and support for terrorism. House Republicans, with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s blessing, have introduced a bill that would put former President Trump’s “maximum pressure” sanctions into legislation and would require the approval of Congress for any Iran deal.........To Read More....

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