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Friday, April 23, 2021

The Media Shouldn't be Questioned! Really? By Rich Kozlovich

Recently quite a stir was created when NBC's Lester Holt warns media against giving 'platform for misinformationZachary Evans framed his comments in his piece NBC’s Lester Holt Urges Journalists to Ditch Objectivity: ‘Fairness Is Overrated’, in this manner saying:

Lester Holt, anchor of NBC’s Nightly News, said Tuesday that journalists should be more active in communicating what they see as the “truth” on any given issue, giving the cut-and-dried example of informing readers that “the sun sets in the west” and disregarding any contrary claims.............“I think it’s become clearer that fairness is overrated,” Holt said. “Before you run off and tweet that headline, let me explain a bit. The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in. That the sun sets in the west is a fact. Any contrary view does not deserve our time or attention.

”Holt added, “Decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some kind of agenda, in fact, it’s just the opposite.”..........NBC recently launched a so-called “disinformation” desk, whose goal is to root out online purveyors of contrary political narratives. 

On the surface that seems reasonable, but what if the media is wrong?  As I've watched their insane support ofand the rest of the members of the Church of the Warming Globe, and sideline anyone, no matter how respected and well informed they may be in their fields, disagree, and do so intelligently and knowledgeably, I've wondered what's wrong with these people?

The same scenario plays out regarding any dissent about how these coronavirus "pandemic" mandates are not only wrong, their disastrous.  As a result, you can conclude it isn't unreasonable to frame his comments as: 

The Media Should Not Be Allowed to Be Questioned!

Well, what if the media isn't just wrong? What if it's corrupt in it's presentation of the news or any issue for that matter?

It turns out "Lester Who's Not to Be Questioned", was caught deceptively editing Columbus shooting video and 911 call.  

Craig Bannister, on April 22nd says:

 "Lester Holt needs to go on the air immediately and apologize for the way he reported on Ohio Police Officer Nicholas Reardon’s deadly shooting of a knife-wielding Black 16 year-old, Ma’khia Bryant".  Crucial parts of the 911 call Officer Reardon was responding to and characterized Bryant’s possession of a knife, visible in body camera footage, as merely a contention by police.

So, what we now know is Lester Holt, who just won the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Lifetime Achievement, is a media hack who isn't concerned with truth, facts and misinformation because he's not only promoting misinformation, he's creating it.  He, right along with all these colleagues who honored him are all part of the same corrupt institutional journalism, has this one overriding philosophy:  

Narrative Trumps Truth! No pun intended. 


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