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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Great New Idea for Reducing Police Shootings

Plus, why Nicholas Reardon is an American hero. 

Dov Fischer by April 26, 2021

Our country’s social stasis is disrupted terribly by police shootings. Now that police wear body cams and members of the public scour the streets for interesting events to film on smartphones and then to post to social media, more police shootings get disseminated than ever before. When the target of the shooting is Black, we become infused with the news. When the target is White, we instantly move on because a White target generates few clicks and followers and fails to accord with the left-media narrative. In the same way, on the rare occasion that an Arab Muslim is attacked, the media run wild, but when a Haredi Jew is attacked in broad daylight on the streets of Brooklyn it barely merits a mention in the Food & Wildlife section........

This is America 2021. Of course we are amid a horrible once-in-a-century pandemic, but systemically we have no real societal problems — so we make up our own problems..............The Left has absolutely no real problems it can find in today’s America, so it fabricates new ones that do not exist:  Systemic racism. White privilege. A new falsified history called “The 1619 Project,” to be taught to children instead of such toxicities as cursive writing and Dr. Seuss.

They fabricate “systemic racism.” They start canceling conservative professors, as though students’ minds will be broadened in an echo chamber where they do not get challenged with a single antithesis in the five or six years they vegetate for their undergraduate degrees. The Left changes school curricula to replace reading, writing, and arithmetic with critical race theory and gender-fluidity studies. Faced with a  single academic sanctuary from the madness — the final redoubt for normalcy in “STEM” courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — they now advance woke math, where precise accuracy no longer will exist. Thus, 8+6 = 14 … but that is only “your truth.” By contrast, “my truth” is that 8+6 = 3. If you insist otherwise, you are manifesting White privilege. And, of course, racism.............

The “news” that is plated for us mostly is fake............High among today’s lies in an era when America no longer has racial bias — except insofar as keeping worthy and deserving Asian-Americans from gaining as many university admission as they have earned and deserve, by attributing to them unmeasurable stereotypical attributes (too quiet, not curious, too insular) — are lies regarding policing ..............To Read More....

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