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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

On Julius Caesar, Derek Chauvin, and the Fate of Our Republic

Roger Kimball Roger Kimball April 26, 2021 

Julius Caesar is often blamed for bringing about the end of the Roman Republic.  I think he merely happened to be there when the Republic imploded.  In 49 BC, Caesar crossed the Rubicon, a shallow river in Northern Italy, with a single legion.  The river marked the border between cis-Alpine Gaul and Italy proper. Bringing armed troops into the fatherland was illegal, tantamount to treason.  Caesar knew this, which is doubtless one reason he never mentions the episode in his account of the civil war that his action sparked..............

Derek Chauvin’s Trial..............

Before the verdict, Congresswoman Maxine Waters traveled to Minnesota, violated curfew, and declared that Chauvin was “guilty, guilty, guilty.”  “Mostly peaceful protestors” rampaged in various cities to underscore her point.

Indeed, Waters had earlier insisted that Chauvin be charged with first degree murder, as if the police officer had intentionally murdered George Floyd with malice aforethought instead of intervening to restrain a drug-crazed felon who, having just attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill, was resisting arrest.  Waters also warned that if a verdict for murder were not returned, Minneapolis—and not only Minneapolis—would burn.

The jury barely deliberated before reaching a verdict. They didn’t need to. The trial of Derek Chauvin was a show trial. The result had been preordained.  This was the work of a sedentary lynch mob, not so much angry as intimidated.

As David Horowitz observed, “The speed of the decision was itself evidence that the jury hadn’t deliberated or even considered any of the evidence presented in the trial, as to what actually caused Floyd’s death, whether Chauvin acted in accordance with the standard procedures of the Minneapolis Police Department, and therefore whether there was any malice or inhumane disregard for Floyd’s life involved in Chauvin’s actions.”.............To Read More.....

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