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Friday, April 30, 2021

What Do Black People Think

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 28, 2021

I’m baffled — again.

Sometimes I marvel at how different blacks are from whites, and this has been a time of marvels. Let’s start with the latest police shooting to get the full, national outrage treatment: Ma’khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio. On April 20th, police got a 911 call with screaming in the background and a frantic woman shouting that someone “is trying to stab us.” Twelve minutes later, there was another 911 call, but the woman hung up, saying the police were already there.

You may have seen the police body-cam video, but here are the crucial 15 seconds in slow motion. This is the first thing the officer sees when he gets out of the car. 6:18 – 7:52

Guess who that guy is doing the kicking? It’s probably Ma’khia’s father. I don’t see how anyone can watch this video and not think the white officer did exactly the right thing You can’t count on a taser to stop someone in a split second.

But Ma’khia has relatives who disagree. Aunt Hazel told the Daily Beast, “The police are going to lie. They’re not here to protect and serve. They’re here to kill Black folks.” Great Grandmother Ila, said, “It looks to me like that’s what the police wanted to do, to kill her.”..........To Read More....

A website called TB Daily News has learned that Ma’khia had terrible parents. This appears to be her father, Myron Hammonds. A kindly-looking fellow. He is now playing the aggrieved father, but he had to be taken to court to admit he was the baby daddy. Here is the record of the paternity case. Plaintiff is the mother, Paula Bryant, and he is the defendant.

TB Daily News also learned that dad had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and has a criminal record as long as your arm. But he sure came through for Ma’khia when she needed him in that knife fight, didn’t he?

Ma’khia’s mother Paula was charged in 2004 with domestic violence and assault, and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. In 2010, she was charged with domestic violence and endangering children and again pleaded down to a lesser charge. No wonder Ma’khia ended up in foster care.................To Read More....

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