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Friday, April 30, 2021

A Great New Idea for Reducing Police Shootings

Plus, why Nicholas Reardon is an American hero. 

Dov Fischer by Dov Fischer  April 26, 2021 

Our country’s social stasis is disrupted terribly by police shootings. Now that police wear body cams and members of the public scour the streets for interesting events to film on smartphones and then to post to social media, more police shootings get disseminated than ever before. When the target of the shooting is Black, we become infused with the news. When the target is White, we instantly move on because a White target generates few clicks and followers and fails to accord with the left-media narrative. In the same way, on the rare occasion that an Arab Muslim is attacked, the media run wild, but when a Haredi Jew is attacked in broad daylight on the streets of Brooklyn it barely merits a mention in the Food & Wildlife section.

As with the left-media cartel’s preferred and disdained targets, it is much the same when it comes to shooters who generate their interest. A Bernie Sanders supporter shot Rep. Steve Scalise at a baseball practice session. Not interesting, so just one story. Gabby Giffords was shot by her own  Democrat supporter. Not interesting. A nut with orange hair shot up a movie theater showing Batman. Not interesting. An Arab Muslim shot up a military site. Workplace violence. The active Colorado supermarket shooter a few weeks ago generated a storm of interest. Then the media found out that the arrested guy is named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. End of that coverage..........To Read More....

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