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Friday, April 23, 2021

The Conundrums of Leftism By Rich Kozlovich 

I received a couple of e-mails from two of my e-mail correspondents yesterday with information I thought so well of I decided to re-frame these e-mails into an article in order to demonstrate to everyone how rational thought and socialism are antithetical to each other. 

In America the left claims capitalism in the United States creates nothing but selfish, greedy and money grubbing elites who care nothing of the suffering of others.  Yet half of the population is subsidized, and not only are they subsidized, they're being told they're victims,  and they believe they're victims! 

What's amazing is they're being told they're victims by the leaders they elected to run the government, who keep claiming they're getting poorer and poorer.  Furthermore, they're told and believe, it's not their leaders fault.  So, who's fault is it?   

The people running the government, who they elected, insist it's the fault of those who provide jobs, pay all the taxes and fund all the programs that give them a "level of poverty" that's only dreamed of by the world's truly impoverished people.   They all have cell phones, televisions, free health care, free housing, free food, and they get a check every month, all the while not working, and if the women on these programs have more illegitimate children, they get a raise!

But in spite of all that they want America to be more like those countries who don't provide that.  You know, the socialist countries but are stunningly competent in providing dystopia; tyranny, suffering, sickness, poverty, misery and early death.

Is it any wonder people like Nancy Pelosi,  Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo and a host of other intellectually corrupt incompetents keep getting elected over and over again? Why?  Because it's clear they must be the brightest pebbles in their brooks, which means they're surrounded by people who are dumb as dirt.

Rush used to used to define them with the term "low information voters", and I agree, but perhaps that's not definitive enough.  Since some of them are just too lazy to really investigate the truth, or perhaps they're just too busy doing their jobs and living their lives to be obsessed with politics, perhaps we should create a subcategory called "distracted or superficial voters".  
These are the ones who actually trust the traditional mainstream media to inform them about the reality of life. But it's well known, and should be obvious to the most casual observer, they've been totally infested with leftists who only promote leftist narratives.  Yet these voters still believe they're "well informed voters".
Then there are those who know it's horsepucky, but they're absolute leftists who suffer from the Mind Projection fallacy and only see reality through their left wing mental vision of how the world works and how it should work.   So what do we call these voters?  
Well, it's been said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  Since socialism has been an abject failure everywhere, and for all time, we have no choice to define them as nothing less than "insane" voters.  
As for the the others discussed here:  They're still dumb as dirt.

Have a good day!


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