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Friday, April 30, 2021

We have lost our minds! By Rich Kozlovich

Editor's Note:  This is a follow up on yesterday's commentary,  Cycles of Insanity. RK

Leftism is a plague on humanity.  Whether it's an issue such as abortion or economics, dystopia is the ultimate consequence of leftism.  

The historical accuracy of that statement is there for the world, and it's politicians to see and act on, but the activists in government, the media and academia are constantly working to overcome reality, and the public buys into it.  Doesn't anyone read history books any longer? Answer? No! 

Not only that, we're not taught history any longer, because actual history has been replaced by leftist propaganda such as Howard Zinn's, A People's History of the United States, filled with lies of commission and lies of omission.  And done deliberately, which is known, and yet they're still pushing it on our children, at all levels of education. 

Education in America was heavily influenced by an outspoken socialist, John Dewey, going back to the 1890's.   His goal, along with so-called progressives like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, was to make sure the apple fell as far away from the tree as possible.  The state was to become the ultimate moral arbiter for what communists called the "new man".  Not the churches!  Not the parents!  The State! 

Reading, writing and arithmetic were merely side benefits to that ultimate goal.  Now that they've pretty much reached their goals of moral supremacy, they've largely failed at reading, writing and arithmetic. Since that was never their true goal in the first place, they've kicked actual education to the curb. 

And so,  here we are, left with an education system that's not only failing to educate our children, it's filling them with insane social paradigms that will doom the nation, just like Venezuela, Greece, and many other socialist failures.  

 The academic leftists fled fascism in Europe, and then worked to impose what they fled here. Through the Marxist take over scheme referred to as a "long march through the institutions", to infest all of America's institutions in order to make socialism acceptable to Americans, with the end goal of imposing it.

We have infanticide promoted by a corrupt judiciary that "discovered" a "right" in the Constitution that doesn't exist in the Constitution.  They've created something called the Penumbra of the Constitution, where "rights" not specifically cited are "implied" by the Constitution.  The Supreme Court created a new "right", calling the right murder your unborn child the Right to Privacy.

 "In January 1973, the Supreme Court issued a 7–2 decision ruling that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides a "right to privacy" that protects a pregnant woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion." 
All promoted by corrupt, self-serving, amoral political and activist misfits with the goal of destroying the foundational values of the nation.   We have illegal deep state abuse by America's bureaucracy against America's citizens,  and the latest outrage where the FBI raiding former Mayor Guillani about the Ukraine investigation, but the people who've been exposed for their corruption in this affair, fake President Joe Biden and his corrupt son Hunter are given a pass. 

We have deep state and political corruption to the point of treason and no one is being charged with it.  A political party that gone so far to the left they've committed themselves to the destruction of the American identity, the American culture and the destruction of the Constitution.  A party that's irrational, misanthropic and morally defective, and the , , industry and the unions praising them while condemning those who actually believe in the American way of life, calling them racists, xenophobes, greedy, and well, take you pick, when you're looking for a denigrating term, any one will do.

Everything is now racist, including milk and federal, state and local governments that are owned by the .

As I watch the insanity appearing in the news daily even a newsie like me gets sickened by it. I keep wondering, just how insane can the world get?  Apparently there are no limits to insanity, cognitive dissonance, corruption and greed.  The left uses our own values against us to destroy us, and entirely too many aren't disgusted by it all.   

Islam has delivered more human disaster than any other force in the world's history.  But the left in all its glory runs a close second.  It has always been a force for human misery, suffering and dystopia since its inception. The combination of the two represents human disaster on a scale that has to cause fear and dread in those who actually read and understand world history.  A history that's incontestable.

We're hearing a lot from and her "", which is neither new, nor is it a deal.  Ocasio-Cortez is a nitwit, but at least she's an honest nitwit, unlike most in the Democrat Party, she actually lets us see just what a nitwit she is, thus, we can see just how insane her schemes and policies are.  She's actually telling everyone what she believes, and I give her kudos for that, but history has shown what she believes in is a human nightmare.  And that history is also incontestable. 

I keep being amazed at some of the positions these "leaders" and "opinion makers" take.  But when you dance with the Devil you won't choose the dance, you won't pick the music and you may not be able to leave the dance floor.  Their views border on insanity.  Unfortunately, everyone has to suffer for their insanity

Paradigms and Demographics was never a big blog.  The biggest month I had 40,000 hits.  Typically, P&D gets between 20 and 30 thousand hits a month these days.  In the beginning I was only interested in shaping ideas and concepts I thought important for the pest control industry and those who are involved with us. 

Going back many years I published a weekly newsletter and I had a blog before this one; and they both had the same caveat; green only!   As time went by I realized that it was impossible to do “green only” because I could see that green was nothing more than the spear point for imposing socialist policy worldwide predicated of fraudulent environmental disasters.  Therefore, I decided that Paradigms and Demographics would stop being an anti-green blog and become a pro-humanity blog, which by definition makes Paradigms and Demographics anti-green and anti-left. 

I’ve try to work in different formats over the years, but I never really liked the way anything was coming together.  I kind of like what I am doing now and I think I have settled on this format.  For one thing, I think it's more focused, and better organized.

I don't know how my friend Alan Caruba, who passed in 2015, put out such accurate in depth commentaries each day, and on such varied subjects.   While I was working I didn’t have time to do a commentary each day, and quite frankly, I can’t seem to do one each day now that I’m retired....much to my embarrassment. 

I don’t know about others, but there are times I can crank out a complicated article in a couple of hours.  There are other times when it takes me two days, and then I keep changing it.  I never quite figured out why that is, other than the fact that the subject has so many layers that I have the tendency to go off in different directions attempting to tie it all together. 

At one point I stopped doing anything for a couple of weeks.  Even a news junkie like me can get to the point that I just can’t stand anymore.  Alan Caruba was concerned and sent me an article to publish just to get me back in the arena.

Admittedly some of my articles are a bit long, but that doesn't bother me as much as making sure I have continuity in the article.  At times I have had to work in what are called "coherence through connectives" because of the depth of the subject…and usually the continuity isn’t obvious until the end of the article.   If not done correctly - you look like a loon.   

I find that pushes me into different realms of thought and ideas.  And I get ideas.....lots of ideas!  I can get an idea a minute.  All of them time consuming, some are brilliant…..some….well....not so much!

But one thing has become clear as day to me.  Mass insanity really is cyclical, with peaks and valleys. From the 60's until now we've seen the cyclical waves of insane behavior and decision making, but even at the bottom of the waves, the insanity was above the sane base line of foundational values that created the greatest nation the world has ever seen.   Consequently, the resulting the downward spiral from that foundation is making the continued existence of America more critical than ever before.

We're facing economic disaster at every turn, and the left demands more spending, more taxation, more central government control over everyone's life, irrespective of the fact that kind of government has been a dismal failure forever and everywhere, and the media is complicit.

We really have lost our minds, and perhaps an  , which I've gone back of forth on as to whether it's a good thing or not, may have to be the answer. 


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