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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Horowitz On the Chauvin Verdict

David Horowitz brings his take-no-prisoners style to the jury verdict in the Derek Chauvin case.

No one in his right mind could have been surprised by the verdict in the Minneapolis trial of Officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd. For 11 straight months cities have been burned, people have been murdered and billions of dollars of property damage have been caused by a national lynch mob determined to be its own judge, jury and executioner.

Headed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and supported by every so-called “Civil Rights” organization, the Democrat Party and its malignant leadership – Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer, this lynch mob has been on the attack against law enforcement a decade and more. Their threat, No “Justice” No Peace, is a threat that more cities will be attacked, more people will die – perhaps even Chauvin case jurors – if the verdicts they want aren’t delivered. This is a criminal movement with a criminal mission: to substitute its own vigilante justice for America’s justice.

On the eve of the Chauvin trial the City of Minneapolis gave a $27 million settlement to the family of George Floyd – a career criminal and dangerous drug addict. The alleged crime was the wrongful death of Floyd. The settlement was made in advance of the evidence and of the trial. It was a blatant effort to put the authorities and taxpayers of Minneapolis in the camp of the lynch mob – telling the jury that the only justice lay in absolving Floyd of any complicity in his own death and the mayhem that followed.

Nonetheless, anxious that anything might be left to chance, Democrat congressional leader, Maxine Waters, demanded a first degree murder conviction, days before the verdict. The Farrakhanite Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, hadn’t even charged Chauvin with First Degree murder, because it was preposterous. But Maxine was not content with letting justice take its course. The Alzheimer President couldn’t contain himself either. According to his opinion – as though he had watched and weighed the hundreds of hours of testimony, the evidence of Chauvin’s guilt was “overwhelming.” Really.

As soon as the formality of the trial was concluded the verdict demanded by the lynch mob was delivered with lightning speed: Guilty on all charges – murder and manslaughter, even though the murder charge didn’t make any legal sense, unless you think arresting a drug addled forged check passer and illegal substance ingester is a felony in itself. Second degree murder involves a killing in the course of committing a felony, and nothing else.............To Read More....

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