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Friday, April 30, 2021

UK: Trucker who had arm broken by illegal Muslim migrants jailed for carrying pepper spray and stun gun


Truck driver Graeme McMurray was attacked by illegal migrants in France in Boulogne, France, in 2018, leaving him with a broken arm, so naturally he would seek to defend himself on the job, but instead, the judge, Lord Mulholland at the High Court in Glasgow, lectured him: 

“You pled guilty to possession of a pepper spray for your protection after you were assaulted by illegal immigrants during the course of your work. That is no excuse, you have only yourself to blame.”

McMurray must now cope with being victimized by both a merciless judge and violent illegal migrants.  This case is indicative of Britain’s broken justice system, overtaken by political correctness and the ingrained fear of appearing intolerant and “Islamophobic.”  Jihad Watch reported less than five months ago about savage attacks on truck drivers by Muslim migrants seeking to break into their vehicles and cross into Britain, but “the judge was unsympathetic.”  Here is a brief description of how unsafe the truck drivers are, and how much they need to defend themselves:..........To Read More.....

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