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Monday, January 31, 2022

Blast From the Past: Helen Thomas Attends Eighth Circle Gala

streiff (Diary) |

It is a tradition at RedState that we acknowledge the passing of particularly odious personages with a short obituary to set the record straight on their accomplishments.........Helen Thomas, no-talent “journalist”, partisan hack, raving anti-semite, and the living embodiment of Rush Limbaugh’s theory that feminism was developed to give ugly women an entree into society, died yesterday at age 92.
Helen Thomas, contrary to what you will read, was not some sort of reporter on steroids. She was equal parts stupid and evil. Her writing was pedestrian. Her opinions banal but ever predictable. Her employment as a reporter, not coincidentally, has led to the decline of journalism in the United States.
It is only fitting that he finally had her interview request with Malacoda approved in the same week when a 16 year old intern from the Daily Caller punked Jay Carney by asking a question none of the “real reporters” had the cojones to ask. The slow descent into the White House press corps’ irrelevance that began when she was appointed for no other reason than her sex, though hailed on the left as some kind of “gutsy call” on the part of her press agency, was complete.....To Read More..
The Real Helen Thomas
Jonah Goldberg Jul 24, 2013
In the movie Animal House, the Deltas are put on trial for their antics. When offered a chance to defend themselves, the best argument the fraternity's president can come up with is, "But sir, Delta Tau Chi has a long tradition of existence to its members and to the community at large."
The line came to mind as I read through the obituaries for Helen Thomas, the longtime White House correspondent for UPI and, for a decade, a left-wing columnist for the Hearst newspapers.
Thomas did help break down the barriers to women in the D.C. press corps. "Helen Thomas made it possible for all of us who followed," NBC's Andrea Mitchell wrote on Twitter. Obviously, it's an exaggeration to suggest that women wouldn't have made so many worthwhile gains in journalism were it not for Thomas. But she was the first female member of a lot of clubs, and that counts for something…..Still, as time went by, the awards poured in as Thomas became a Washington institution,......"odd thing about her awards and citations," Chait noted, "is that they almost never mention any specific contributions she has made to journalism save for being female and, well, old."

Or as journalist Andrew Ferguson once put it, "Everybody admires Helen, though nobody can tell you why."ToRead More……
 My Take - I wish I had said all of that!


Leftists claim Clarence Thomas not 'black,' Barrett not a 'woman'

Network show unleashes its 'vile nastiness'.

 Bob Unruh By Bob Unruh January 28, 2022  

This probably should surprise no one, in a day when men can say they are women and be given an open door to women's swim teams, locker rooms and showers.  But the leftists aboard "The View" apparently believe Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a black, is not a "black," and Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a woman, is not a "woman."  It was in a commentary by Nicholas Fondacaro at Newsbusters, an arm of the Media Research Center, where he described the "vile nastiness of The View coven."

"They accused Thomas of being a race traitor and wasn't the correct kind of black man to replace Justice Thurgood Marshall. With Coney Barrett, they used air quotes when noting she's 'a woman' and suggested she's a traitor to women," the commentary said.

The perspective that leftists can categorize other people based on their own prejudices surfaced during the 2020 presidential election race when Joe Biden declared, "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

The Trump campaign immediately reacted on Twitter: "This is disgusting."......To Read More.....

Canada: Law Could Lock Up Religious People For Five Years If They Resist Child’s ‘Transition,’ Gay Identity

By &Amanda Prestigiacomo Jan 18, 2022 A new Canadian law called C-4 outlaws so-called “conversion therapy,” which is defined in the law as any counseling or advising against transgender or nonbinary identity or non-heterosexual sexuality — even if the young person or adult requests it. “The new Canadian law, C-4, bans any counseling that advocates for the Christian standard that sex is reserved for one man and one woman within marriage,” The Daily Wire’s Morning Wire reported this weekend. “It also potentially criminalizes any instruction confirming that human beings are created as wholly male or female from birth.” Here’s how the text of the law defines “conversion therapy”:.........To Read More....

The Daily Greenfield

By Rich Kozlovich

Black Lives Matter's Incredibly Shady Finances Get Shadier 

Black Lives Matter encompasses a variety of local and umbrella groups. Among the more famous and what most people think of when they mean BLM is the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. When BLM blew up, it moved over from Thousand Currents and the Tides Center, lefty activist money machines, and built its own money machines even while its "trained Marxist" co-founders, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, got Hollywood deals and book deals. $60 million went into their coffers, but no one knows who controls anything.............. 11 comments 

Murdered NYPD Officer's Widow Slams Soros DA Alvin Bragg's Pro-Crime Policies at Husband's Funeral

Ever since the blowback to his Day 1 letter that threatened not to prosecute armed robbers, and ignoring a whole raft of other criminal behaviors, Soros DA Alvin Bragg has been frantically backtracking and playing the victim.  The funeral of one of two NYPD officers is a reminder of who the real victim is..........New York Dems voted Bragg into office. His actions are on their conscience.........the usual liberal donors paid for this. The blood of New York City's crime victims is on their hands...........5 comments

All Things Great and Small ....... Are Racist! Part VIII

By Rich Kozlovich

It must be nice being on the left.  Anything that displease you is ....welll....racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and somewhere, and soon I hope, someone will publish an official list of the Democrat "phobias", if for no other reason, I'm not sure I can keep track of them all. 

If a conservative, a white, a Republican, etc. accuses a Democrat of wrong doing.....they're racists....and more.....

 "Democratic politicians have repeatedly argued that criticizing a Democrat's behavior just isn't something a normal, kindhearted person would ever do. Their critics, by definition, are exclusively composed of racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, white supremacists, and other bigots. The journalists who report on these criticisms are just as evil, Democrats agree".

Well, that settles it....Democrats agree!  How could anyone find fault with that?

It's the same with crime reports. MSNBC's Joy Reid complains about Gabby Petito media coverage, calls it 'missing white woman syndrome'.  Her complaint is this story gets "national media attention only because she was a young white woman."  Really? Must be true, Joy Reid, considered a blatant racist, who has an audience of a kindergarten class, in size and mentality,  said it's so.   How can anyone find fault with that?  Is that reasonable?  Well, does it matter since "reason" is now racist, along with a host of things normal people think or as positive qualities, all of which are now signs of "white supremacy".

On August 21, 2021 Eric Utter in his, "Insanity unbound" states:

It’s finally come to this: according to “progressives,” Reason is “racist” Sanity and logic, too. 

 All are "patriarchal, and a disgusting vestige of WHITE SUPREMACY!!"  How could any rational person disagree with that?  Right?  Well, maybe we need to start disagreeing and calling things as they are.  Perhaps we need to start actually using reason, logic, discipline, etc, and redefine all this for what it is,  Anti-White Racism:
As any student of George Orwell knows, no authoritarian government can ever gain complete control unless it commandeers people’s thinking through the manipulation of language. Thus, the dystopian powers in “1984” deliberately turned the meaning of words upside-down in a process known as double-think. The same process is happening today with the words used to discuss racism.  In true Orwellian fashion, Ibram X. Kendi (pictured) insists that the only way to fight racism is to embrace racial discrimination in perpetuity. This “anti-racism,” as he calls it, is as likely to stamp out genuine racism as Orwell’s Ministry of Truth was apt to stamp out falsehoods.

Well, it's been my view Thomas Sowell is one of the finest minds in the world today, and maybe it's time the rest of us took Thomas Sowell's advice and follow the example of this Virginia Republican who goes off on Democrats in this EPIC rant: ‘Enough!’


Virginia Republican Goes Off On Democrats In EPIC Rant: ‘Enough!’ (VIDEO

By Mike LaChanceJanuary 28, 2022 553 Comments

The Daily Greenfield

By Rich Kozlovich 

I posted this cartoon because it fits in with theme of Daniel's articles today, which is pretty much a regular observation on his part.  And that is the left's ability to take that which is obvious and clear to most casual observer and then turn it into incomprehensible fog, is absolutely astounding.   George Orwell would have been thoroughly impressed with his prescient books, Animal Farm and 1984, which is now under attack to be censored.  Remarkable! 

Enjoy today's offerings.

  Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

ADL Hires Director for Jewish Outreach Who Hates Jews 

After the Hamas, kidnapping and murder of three Israeli Jewish teens, resulting in Israeli forces aggressively pursuing the Islamic terrorist group over the horrifying atrocity, Tema Smith retweeted and praised an article titled, "There Are No Good Guys In The Gaza-Israel Conflict". The article, among other things, claimed that, "Hamas — and the Palestinians as a whole — have desperately real and legitimate grievances against Israel." She also retweeted another piece urging Jews to, “repent for Gaza’s dead.”

“Here’s the thing: Jews *have* to be ok with Palestinians *explaining* why some turn to terrorism,” Tema Smith insisted two years ago.......Now, the ADL has chosen Tema Smith as its Director of Jewish Outreach. As a Jewish activist on Twitter quipped, “Whom do the Jews hire as Director of Outreach to the ADL?.............The ADL’s idea of “Jewish Outreach” is an identity politics hire who spends her time castigating Jews for opposing critical race theory and intersectionality because of its inherent antisemitism...........9 comments

  • My Take - The ADL started going over the cliff decades ago, and this is in harmony with where they've been and where they're going. Let's face it, there's something seriously wrong with the minds of these nitwits.   
France’s Macron Tries to Reclassify Muslim Terrorism as Mental Illness

Denying Islamic terrorism is the real delusion.  There's hardly a Muslim terrorist attack committed by a single perpetrator in Europe or America in the last five years that the authorities and the media haven't tried to spin as mental illness.  Both Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the Syrian Muslim mass killer who shot up a Boulder supermarket, and Faisal Akram, who took a Texas temple hostage to secure the release of 'Lady Al Qaeda', had their attacks blamed on mental illness.

But France continues to lead the world in whitewashing Muslim terrorism as mental illness. When Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old Jewish kindergarten director, was murdered by her Muslim neighbor while shouting, "Allahu Akbar", the authorities gave her antisemitic killer a pass because his pot smoking had supposedly brought on a “psychotic” episode. The Halimi murder had strong echoes of the previous killing of a Jewish DJ by a Muslim killer where the expert shrink had insisted that "it is not an anti-Semitic act but an act of delirium............12 comments

My Take - Well, I do agree there's something seriously wrong with the minds of these terrorists, but their mental disorder is because they have actual mental disorders.  They're mental disorder is ideological, not insanity.  They believe in Islam.  The fact they do crazy things isn't because they're insane, it's because they believe in an insane religion that requires violent and murderous acts.  The delusion is in the belief that Islam is a religion.  It isn't.  Islam is a political criminal movement masquerading as a religion. Now as for the French, they're just nuts. 

Majority of Dems and Nonwhites Want Biden to Consider All Court Candidates, Not Just Black Women

Another reminder of just how out of step with the rest of the country the leftists running the party have become. "President Joe Biden's campaign trail vow to select a Black woman to fill a high-court vacancy without reviewing all potential candidates evokes a sharply negative reaction from voters...  just over three-quarters of Americans (76%) want Biden to consider "all possible nominees." Just 23% want him to automatically follow through on his history-making commitment that the White House seems keen on seeing through." 23%. Not even a quarter of the country supports this quota plan. And even a majority of Democrats oppose it............2 comments 

What's Behind Lindsey Graham's Supreme Court Game

I don't like Senator Lindsey Graham. Never have, never will. The reasons are too obvious for any conservative to even bother with. That said, there's usually a method to his madness, and while it's often self-serving, in this case what he's doing makes a certain amount of sense.............Note that Graham is emphasizing Childs. Not any of the other candidates.........2 comments

My Take - Let's face it, in spite of some "conservative" columnists who claimed Bryer was a good jurist, Breyer was a loser. He, Sotomayor and Kagan were lock step leftists, and the leftist narrative always took president over what the Constitution actually says.   When arguing a case before the court the only ones that counted were the other six, since depending on the case, you knew how these three losers were going to vote.  So, no matter how stupid and incompetent this next appointment may be, nothing will change, and if they pick the worst it might be all the better since it will expose just how intellectually corrupt these three are. 

While Biden Worries About Ukraine, 13,000 Russians Invaded U.S. Border

Are the Russians invading the Ukraine or the United States? Currently, it seems like a lot more of them have been crossing our border.   Maybe we could take a break from pondering where Russians will invade the Ukraine and ask why our government is failing to secure our border against the Russians and the entire world.

The migrants making their way to the border included more than 2,000 Russians and 300 Ukrainians. Most arrived or were discovered at a legal port of entry in San Diego, California, according to the data.

In mid-December, 18 Russian migrants were discovered in two vehicles that collided after a Border officer fired his gun to stop them from speeding through an inspection station at the San Diego port of entry, according to a release from Customs and Border Protection.

The current data seems to suggest we've had 13,420 Russians show up in 2021. That's a marked increase which seems to have been concentrated around the summer and fall. But it's not just the Russians.........2 comments

Seattle Mayor Plotted to Transfer Police Station to BLM Insurrectionists

Not only did Black Lives Matter racial nationalists wreck entire cities, enlist the support of the nation's corporations, and force them to fire anyone who disagreed with their hateful slogan, but the racial separatist movement was this close to gaining a cherished black nationalist goal of commanding its own police stations and government.  

At the height of Seattle’s racial justice protests in 2020, then-Mayor Jenny Durkan’s administration drafted legislation to transfer the Police Department’s East Precinct building to a Black Lives Matter activist organization and researched relocating the station’s operations, newly released documents show.  That June, as cops lobbed tear gas from behind barricades, and protesters on the streets surrounding the precinct called for the Police Department to be defunded, Durkan’s office behind the scenes briefly contemplated handing over the multimillion dollar property that had become the focus of the demonstrations.

Dems insist that CHAZ/CHOP was a publicity stunt, but it apparently came very close to succeeding. ............0 comments

Trust Is Gone, Institutions Are Corrupt, It’s Now Up to Us

A free people cannot survive where there is no trust whatsoever left between the citizenry and those of its institutions responsible for upholding civil society.


Trust is the glue that holds civil society together and it is being lost everywhere we look today. Trust is lost whenever politicians ignore the rules they impose on everything else, when the likes of Boris Johnson and Gavin Newsom attend parties maskless while mandating intolerable Wu-Flu restrictions on their constituents. Trust is lost whenever Big Tech and media outlets shut down debate over government policies. Trust is lost when agencies such as the DRBC take money from special interest groups lobbying the agency for rules they want. Trust is lost when politicians mandate vaccinations for individuals who already have much superior natural immunity. Trust, in fact, is being lost in a thousand ways today and iit will continue to rapidly undermining our civil society until we rise up and say we will no longer live by lies.

The trust issue is captured in this outstanding video from Neil Oliver, a commentator on GBN out of Britain:............To Read More....


Europeans are still free-riding off American security

They claimed during Trump’s presidency that they were going to take charge of their defense, but they haven’t 

January 20, 2022 Written by Leon Hadar

Remember how Washington’s foreign policy establishment and their media echo chamber bashed the “isolationist” President Donald Trump for abusing, humiliating and making life miserable for our close European allies, in the process obliterating the “liberal international order”?

Remember how some of the Europeans responded? Germany’s Angela Merkel declared “a new chapter” in US-European relations, saying that Europe “really must take our fate into our own hands.” France’s Emanuel Macron stated that Europeans need to stop “being naïve,” and assert their strategic independence from the US.

What happened? Nothing. Here we are, three decades after the end of the Cold War, and it is déjà vu all over again between Washington and Moscow. The foreign policy types are recalling the Berlin crisis of 1961, the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, and urging the Biden administration to hang tough in another test of wills with the commies in Moscow, oops…I mean, the Russians......To Read More......


Biden’s Bad Bet on Race

Biden’s pledge to name a black woman—and only a black woman—to the Supreme Court is going down badly with Americans, a majority of whom are growing tired of the left’s relentless identity politics.  A new ABC News/Ipsos poll begins its report thus: A new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds that a plurality of Americans view the Supreme Court as motivated by partisanship, while President Joe Biden’s campaign trail vow to select..............To Read More.....