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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Toxic Democrat beliefs

We throw massive amounts of money at public schools, and test results aren't good, so the solution is to stop testing to hide the truth. There are "too many" Asians in gifted programs, so the solution is to cancel the gifted programs.  Vouchers helped the poor and minorities have better opportunities to get a better education, and the Democrat solution is to block vouchers.  They certainly don't want competition for their political supporters, the teachers' unions.

When minorities don't get good grades or test scores, they are told it is not their fault.  They have been oppressed since birth because of their color.  They are told that their poor results are because of systemic racism and that people of another color succeed because they have "white privilege."  In other words, they are indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory.  Minority children are probably confused that some white people are poor and not as smart as they are, since they were born racists and privileged.  We should do a study of all the stupid white politicians and journalists to see where the "white privilege" gene didn't work.

Children are at a very low risk of getting seriously ill from COVID, yet we locked them out, canceled sports, caused them to socially distance, and forced them to wear masks.  It is not a surprise that so much mental, physical, and financial damage has been caused to the children, whom the media and other Democrats pretend to care about...........To Read More....


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