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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Rejecting the ‘DIE Cult’

Why we must never cede language to the Left.  In 2001, I served in the Michigan State Senate. One morning our then-governor, John Engler, met with our Republican caucus to promote his idea of consolidating several state entities within a single department by executive order. Characteristic of his transformational tenure, Engler was endeavoring to further streamline the Michigan bureaucracy to provide more efficient and effective services, promote accountability within state government, and save taxpayers’ money. ......To Read More....

Critical Race Theory Does Not Dismantle, But Reinforces Social Power Structures 

“Just as CRT advocates argue that white supremacist power structures harm white people as well, their maintenance of those power structures will continue to harm people, including those they claim to want to help.”

James E. Hanley – January 6, 2022

 Much nonsense is spewed about Critical Race Theory (CRT) by both its putative defenders and opponents. We should not be surprised by this, as it is a sophisticated academic theory, and few politicians, media talking heads, or average people, could speak deeply about any academic theory, sophisticated or not. Properly understood, CRT is a theory about how socially constructed racial identities are intertwined throughout all our legal and social structures to create and reinforce a system of white supremacy. This description, of course, barely scratches the surface of CRT. But an important element of CRT is that – inadvertently or not – it works to support and maintain abusive structures of power rather than undermine and dismantle them..........



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