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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Biden's Supreme Court Pick Sexually Assaulted Me 25 Years Ago

By Matt Margolis Jan 26, 2022

The news that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring is still fresh. He won’t even officially retire until October, and the Biden administration will likely spend months vetting potential nominees.   But I can tell you right now, whoever Biden picks, they sexually assaulted me 25 years ago at a high school party. I can’t remember how I got there or how I got home. So far, the people I know who were present are telling me it didn’t happen. I may have changed my story a few times too. But, hey, look, you can trust me. I have no agenda.

I should also let you know that Biden’s nominee, whoever it is, might have a detailed calendar proving they weren’t at the party. Don’t believe it? Believe me!  I think I should be praised for my bravery in coming forward. I think the media must tell my story without questioning the details, and Time Magazine should profile me.  Just in case you think my memory is bad, you should know, I’m 100% certain it was… whoever Biden picks. There is zero chance I’ve mistaken them for someone else. .........To Read More....

My Take - To make sure everyone understands....this is a bit of snarc.....enjoy, I did. 

Our Group Take - This is a paywalled article (National Review Online), but I'm just sending it for the reminder of the Democrat's position in 2018 - which, of course, they're bound to have flipped a full 180 on now.  I'm sure anyone interested enough can verify this elsewhere fairly easily. This is, of course, assuming that the reports are right and Breyer is planning to retire.  Wouldn't surprise me at all, I think it's likely. 

Reports are that he's pissed about the announcement, however, as Justices are generally make their own announcements and not have the info "leaked" ahead of time this way. It's also possible that it's not true, but is more pressure by the left to try to force him to it when he really doesn't want to do so.  Who knows these days.  

Offhand I'd say 75% or higher odds that he'll announce retirement tho, regardless.  We'll see shortly. Would be hilarious if he came out and said it's fake tho, and he's not retiring. Regardless, the Dems are bound to be just as hypocritical about this as they've been about everything else.  After all, it was only a couple of years ago that they were in full roar about how we must wait until after midterms to nominate & appoint a new justice.


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