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Monday, January 31, 2022

The Daily Greenfield

By Rich Kozlovich

Black Lives Matter's Incredibly Shady Finances Get Shadier 

Black Lives Matter encompasses a variety of local and umbrella groups. Among the more famous and what most people think of when they mean BLM is the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. When BLM blew up, it moved over from Thousand Currents and the Tides Center, lefty activist money machines, and built its own money machines even while its "trained Marxist" co-founders, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, got Hollywood deals and book deals. $60 million went into their coffers, but no one knows who controls anything.............. 11 comments 

Murdered NYPD Officer's Widow Slams Soros DA Alvin Bragg's Pro-Crime Policies at Husband's Funeral

Ever since the blowback to his Day 1 letter that threatened not to prosecute armed robbers, and ignoring a whole raft of other criminal behaviors, Soros DA Alvin Bragg has been frantically backtracking and playing the victim.  The funeral of one of two NYPD officers is a reminder of who the real victim is..........New York Dems voted Bragg into office. His actions are on their conscience.........the usual liberal donors paid for this. The blood of New York City's crime victims is on their hands...........5 comments

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