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Monday, January 31, 2022

Trust Is Gone, Institutions Are Corrupt, It’s Now Up to Us

A free people cannot survive where there is no trust whatsoever left between the citizenry and those of its institutions responsible for upholding civil society.


Trust is the glue that holds civil society together and it is being lost everywhere we look today. Trust is lost whenever politicians ignore the rules they impose on everything else, when the likes of Boris Johnson and Gavin Newsom attend parties maskless while mandating intolerable Wu-Flu restrictions on their constituents. Trust is lost whenever Big Tech and media outlets shut down debate over government policies. Trust is lost when agencies such as the DRBC take money from special interest groups lobbying the agency for rules they want. Trust is lost when politicians mandate vaccinations for individuals who already have much superior natural immunity. Trust, in fact, is being lost in a thousand ways today and iit will continue to rapidly undermining our civil society until we rise up and say we will no longer live by lies.

The trust issue is captured in this outstanding video from Neil Oliver, a commentator on GBN out of Britain:............To Read More....


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