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Monday, January 24, 2022

The end of COVID-19

The virus winds down

Michael D. Shaw January 23, 2022 @ Mike's Point of View,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

There’s been so much news on this front in the last few weeks that it’s hard to keep track of it all. The mandates for federal workers have been struck down by a Texas judge; the quad-vaxxed Israelis are setting records for COVID infections; documents from the DOD more than suggest that the public was being lied to from the beginning; and despite this and much more, vaccine passes and restrictions are still proliferating in some countries.

As has happened with all previous pandemics, things are winding down as SARS-CoV-2 falls into the typical virus profile of getting more contagious and less deadly. After all, to be a good parasite, you don’t want to kill the host.

It is a laughable understatement to say that our public health agencies have failed, from the so-called vaccines and mask mandates to the lockdowns and useless expensive therapies. There has never been any reasoned debate on COVID. Rather, the Praetorian Guard of the health establishment—aka the mainstream media and large social network platforms—have censored opposing views, and have attempted to cancel anyone with the temerity to hold such views.

As it happens, it is remarkably easy to control the population, based on the tendency of most people to respect authority—often beyond all reason. Indeed, the biggest lesson you must learn in elementary school (or at least fake that you’ve learned) is to follow orders. A consequence of this is that most peoples’ viewpoints on nearly all matters are fixed at a young age, and can almost never be changed.

Thus, an experimental genetic therapy, in which the clinical trials were—to be kind—rushed is called a “vaccine.” And, it is called a “vaccine” on purpose, since for most people that term conjures up the idea of “immunization,” based on relevant life experience.

Of course, there were prominent naysayers on this “vaccine” from the get-go, and they were immediately labeled “anti-vaxxers,” to invoke memories of truly ignorant types who are simply against all vaccines (even long-proven conventional vaccines) all the time. But now, even the ultimate vaccine fanboy, Dr. Paul Offit is backing WAY off from his original position.

When introduced, the vaccines were touted as 95% effective, and you would not get infected, and would not transmit the disease. This has morphed into “You are better protected from serious complications.” Only, the studies behind such an assertion are very weak.

You see, in each study that I have read, the only confounder corrected for is age. Is it really valid to compare a vaccinated person with no comorbidities to an unvaccinated individual with four comorbidities? Yet, the CDC is pushing such garbage endlessly.

The COVID fiasco should finally convince everyone that the federal government has no business being involved in healthcare. We have seen the outrageous incompetence (replete with plenty of power, though) of the entire public health leadership. This includes the NIH, CDC, and FDA as a minimum.

For those who say—and I would agree—that there are thousands of dedicated staff members competently doing their jobs, the problem is that it does not matter, given the abysmal leadership and the toxic politics.

As to the virus, as noted, it will gradually fade into the background, along with countless others that infect us, and we will simply learn to live with it. Maybe the best news to come out of all of this is that even a genetically-modified virus, clearly designed as a bio-weapon, will still eventually morph into something much less dangerous.

Cold comfort that when this entire sad affair is discussed in history books 50 years hence, the readers will smugly assure themselves that THEY would never be fooled like those idiots from the COVID era were.


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