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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Is An Iron Curtain Closing Around America?

by January 24, 2022

Once upon a time in 60’s and 70’s America, public service commercials about *Radio Free Europe” 
filled our television airwaves.  The ads appealed for help for people who were living “behind the Iron Curtain.”  Here’s one of the most iconic commercials from that time...............If you were a kid living in America, you couldn’t imagine how any country could stifle news and information, crush dissent or persecute dissenters simply for thinking for themselves. Yet, in 2022 America we are seeing a tacit acceptance of exactly that. Did you think you’d ever live to see the day when America would side with Communist Cuba over freedom-fighters who finally stood up to their authoritarian government?  We saw that in 2021.

Given the noble anti-Communist history of these United States, that’s a heartbreaking moment.  More heart-breaking if that’s possible is that there are those who still can’t see it. They have bought into the notion that ideas are dangerous and must be stifled.  It is not coincidental that the same people have been desensitized to somehow accept violence and civil unrest as forms of “free expression.”  Nothing could be further from the truth..............To Read More.....


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