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Saturday, January 22, 2022

You only thought you were vaccinated

January 22, 2022 By Andrea Widburg

For many months, conservatives have been predicting that the CDC will redefine what it means to be vaccinated.  In the distant past — that is, more than two years ago — being vaccinated meant you'd had an injection that left you forever immune to a disease.  This became problematic when the COVID vaccines did not leave people immune to the disease.  Now there are boosters, so the CDC has announced that you're not vaccinated unless you've also had your booster.  Of course, even with that booster, you're still not immune, as the troubles in Israel reveal.

It was always obvious that, when the initial shots failed to protect people against COVID, the leftist establishment would have to redefine COVID vaccinations to justify the continued pressure on people to take them.  The establishment started with the narrative that the shots, even if they didn't prevent COVID, meant people would be less sick.  And indeed, you'll hear that line from every single person who took the shots and still got COVID.  They always say something like, "I would have been much sicker if I hadn't had the shot."...........To Read More....

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