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Thursday, January 27, 2022

January 6 Fraud: Even When RINO's Are Right, They're Still Wrong

By Guest Columnist, Rational Db8 

Prosecutors are needlessly risking acquittal by filing inappropriate charges.   Two elements are indispensable to the crime of seditious conspiracy. First, there must be an agreement to use force, as opposed to protesting peacefully — even if rambunctiously. Second is the concept of levying war against the United States or opposing the lawful authority of the United States. Now that the Justice Department has been goaded into charging members of the Oath Keepers with seditious conspiracy for their participation in the Capitol riot, prosecutors may find that these elements pose insuperable challenges to their case. The indictment filed Thursday necessitates revisiting this subject. It does not, however, change what I’ve already said about it, back in June: The actions of then-president Donald Trump before and during the riot undermine seditious-conspiracy charges.
McCarthy does a very good job of explaining why the seditious conspiracy charges are totally bogus.  The DOJ & prosecutors trying to claim that people who strongly believed they were protecting the Constitution, the nation, our government, and the legal outcome of an election are guilty of 'seditious conspiracy' is... well, there aren't words to express how insane and absurd this is. It's patently politically biased persecution & prosecution.  Hard core banana republic police state stuff.

Where McCarthy is badly flawed, however, is his arrogant insistence that the protestors were all just brainwashed by a nefarious Trump and that there was no justification for believing that the election was rigged and badly flawed.  Multiple court cases have found that quite a few important election laws were violated by either the state(s), state governors, election officials, etc., etc.  Time Mag. even did an article on the election conspiracy of the left.Hundreds of millions of dollars were flooded into the swing state election system virtually all to benefit the left/Democrats - also illegal and unconstitutional in a number of ways.

In some of these deep blue major metro swing state areas, private money actually ran the election offices and polling places and made up far more money than government money for those things.   Forensic audit findings in some of these states have turned up huge problems involving more votes than Biden "won" those states by (the illegal election law/practices changes also involved more ballots than Biden supposedly won those states by).  And so on. 
For McCarthy to sit there still pretending that there's no basis for people to believe there were very serious problems with the election is counter to the known facts.  For him to assert that people only have a problem with this because "Trump said" is patently absurd.  It's all the more absurd when you look at polls which find that well over half the nation believes there were massive problems in this election - and that includes even 30% or more of Democrats!!  Blaming this on Trump is utterly ludicrous.

Regardless, it's well worth reading the article for the legal aspects involved in the charges - just ignore the absurd anti-Trump stuff.

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