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Thursday, January 20, 2022

There Is No Radical Right

There is no radical Right. And for Democratic Party voters, there is no mainstream Left, either. 

By December 29, 2021

Firebrand Tucker Carlson is the poster boy for the radical Right. His fans are far outside the mainstream.  They’re the “deplorables”: the alt-right, white nationalists, and so on.  Pragmatic politicians should pick positions halfway between Tucker Carlson’s and those of his counterpoise on the Left—say, Rachel Maddow. These middling positions—flowers across the land of the moderates; reeds across the still waters of the independents—will win elections.

That’s what many believe, anyway.  But why? The mere existence of polar opposites does not, in fact, imply a virtuous mean. Some people murder a lot of people. Some people murder no people. Murdering some people is not, however, the good or pragmatic thing to do.  .............To Read More.......

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