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Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Daily Greenfield

By Rich Kozlovich

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

When reading the "news" one has to wonder if these people actually believe what they're saying. End the filibuster scenario is one such example.  While decrying it, and demanding it be abolished, the very ones demanding it...... used it to prevent a bill offered by Ted Cruz.  Remarkable!  

Do they really believe the filibuster is a detriment to "Our Democracy"?   No,  what they believe is the filibuster is a detriment to them destroying "Our Republic".  Here are Daniel's offerings for today, please read them as Daniel gives definition to the events we see being played out, and definition leads to clarity. 

AP: Banning Workplace Racism Is "Shielding Whites From Discomfort"  

Or rather it's shielding whites in the same way that it shields blacks. The underlying problem is that lefties argue that some kinds of racism are justifiable and a good thing, and either deny that they're racism (insisting instead on the weasel term, reverse racism) or or claim that their racism is a vital part of education, critical race theory, or workplace equity. And even formerly semi-credible wire services like the AP now sound like Gawker posts and TikTok videos................2 comments

The TSA Will Strip You Naked, But Says Illegals Can Use Arrest Warrants as ID

In a lawless society, laws only apply to the law-abiding.  That's the paradox of our modern lawless society which is beset with laws, but in which the lawless population of homeless, criminals, and illegals who are part of the Dem client base, can steal, attack, and do whatever they want without having to follow any of the laws.  Jennie Taer has learned of an absolutely insane TSA guideline that only reinforces this double standard. While normal people have to take off their shoes and pay premium prices for things like Clear just to avoid harassment, illegal aliens can literally fly with their arrest warrants................ 2 comments

As I wrote in today's article,"to play by their rules, Vladimir has tapes of them with micturating prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room." After four years of "what does Putin have on him" and "how would this administration be any different if Putin were calling the shots", the party responsible for all that treasonous garbage seems to be doing everything possible to help Moscow while screaming America and our allies...............10 comments
NPR's Story About Sotomayor, Gorsuch and Masks Was Fake News

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