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Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Corruption of Science by Money and Marxism

January 22, 2022 By Norman Rogers

 here are many shady methods of making money. There are frauds like Ponzi schemes or pump and dump stock schemes. A more subtle scheme is convincing na├»ve students to take out large loans to pay inflated tuition so that colleges can milk the taxpayer. The consequences of the student loan fraud are far reaching such as delaying family formation and childbearing.

Another academic scheme is to posit a future catastrophe based on “scientific” research. What follows is a vast flow of taxpayer money to the very academic specialty behind the fraud. After all, more research is needed to study the looming catastrophe. Rather than prevent the catastrophe that is imaginary anyway, real catastrophes are created. For example, a consequence of the global warming catastrophe scheme is spending billions on impactable and unaffordable wind and solar electricity...........

If a climate scientist were to announce to a class that global warming is a fraud it is likely that he would be denounced and investigated. Perhaps lefty students would throw eggs at him or dump buckets of water on his head. He might be denounced as a racist. This is the state of academic freedom at our taxpayer-financed universities. They are nearly all, in reality, taxpayer financed, even the supposedly private universities.

The paradox is that our scientific institutions are both cesspools of corruption and national assets. The solution is not to close them down and force the army of equity officers and administrators to get real jobs, as appealing as that idea might be. Reform is needed and I have some suggestions........To Read More.....

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