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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Paradigms and Demographics: Ohio Edition

Buckeye Institute News Alert
September 30, 2015
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The Buckeye Institute Praises Legislative Study Committee Recommendation to Freeze Alternative Energy Mandates
COLUMBUS, OHIO--The Buckeye Institute's energy policy expert today praised a special legislative committee's recommendation that the General Assembly indefinitely freeze Ohio's renewable energy and energy efficiency mandates.

However, the free market think tank expressed serious concern about Gov. John Kasich's statement that he might not support the recommended freeze on the alternative energy mandates, also known as Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards.

"Ohioans would experience higher energy prices and weaker economic growth if these mandates remain," said Joe Nichols, the Institute's William & Helen Diehl Energy and Transparency Fellow. "The government should not be picking winners and losers, which hurts Ohioans who can afford it the least -- poor and middle class families, minorities, and those who live on fixed incomes. Reintroducing mandates also makes it more difficult for companies to create jobs in Ohio."

On the governor's indication that he may not support the committee's recommended indefinite freeze, Robert Alt, President and CEO of The Buckeye Institute, said: "We shouldn't return to the policy mistakes of the Strickland administration by embracing another costly government mandate."

The energy mandates force Ohio utilities to buy increasing amounts of renewable energy and implement energy efficiency programs. The bipartisan, bicameral Energy Mandates Study Committee heard testimony from The Buckeye Institute about how these mandates negatively impact the state's economy and energy production.

Taxpayers fleeing Ohio, IRS report shows

Posted by   September 30, 2015 @ Ohio Watchdog

Watchdog graphic
Watchdog graphic
EXODUS: Ohio had a net loss of over 33,000 federal taxpayers
and their families as a result of migration between states in 2011 and 2012
During Gov. John Kasich’s first two years in office, state-to-state migration shrank Ohio’s economy by more than $2.2 billion.
Ohio’s population dropped by a total of 33,000 in 2011 and 2012 as a result of taxpayers voting with their feet, based on the latest Internal Revenue Service data.

State-to-state migration was a net drain of $1.2 billion on Ohio’s economy in 2011 and $1.1 billion in 2012. Almost 24,000 fewer IRS returns were filed in Ohio in 2013 than in 2011 as a result of Ohioans moving to other states.

Ohio’s net population and income losses resulting from state-to-state migration were both the nation’s seventh-worst in 2012.

A net loss of taxpayers in the early years of Kasich’s first term signals a serious problem for the state, since Ohio’s private-sector job growth has slowed since 2011. A rebounding economy has produced increasing tax revenues, but it’s only a matter of time until the next downturn.

RELATED: Ohio lost interstate migration battle again in 2014

Greg Lawson, a policy analyst for the free-market Buckeye Institute, said it’s normal for some Americans to move between states in any given year. That doesn’t mean policymakers shouldn’t be concerned about losing taxpayers to other states.

“The problem is that Ohio is failing to grow jobs and opportunities at a fast enough rate to keep many in the Buckeye state,” Lawson told Ohio Watchdog. “Ohio needs further tax reforms at both the state and local level and is in desperate need of regulatory and labor reform.”

Ohio’s high local tax burden is due largely to state-level policies. The Buckeye Institute and others have called for an overhaul of Ohio’s convoluted municipal tax system and laws giving expansive power to labor unions.

“Everything any level of government does that makes it harder to start a new business is a problem and contributes to an exodus of our best talent,” Lawson said.

Losing federal taxpayers to other states means fewer potential customers and job creators in Ohio, and a smaller tax base to bear the growing costs of state government.

The IRS tracks state-to-state migration for Americans who pay federal income tax by comparing Form 1040 filings from one year to the next. The agency’s most recent migration report analyzed tax returns filed in 2012 and 2013 to see where taxpayers moved in 2012.
Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Colorado and North Carolina had the biggest net migration gains in 2012. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Illinois and New York were the biggest net losers.

With the exception of Colorado, the five biggest winners in the interstate migration battle were states where right-to-work laws protect workers from mandatory union dues.
Ohio and all five of the biggest losers were forced-unionism states, where workers can be required to pay a labor union in order to have a job.

Ohio’s losses were big gains for the economies of several other states. The five states with the largest net income gains from Ohio in 2012 are listed in the following table.
StateNet gain in Adjusted Gross Income from Ohio, 2012
Florida$382 million
South Carolina$117 million
North Carolina$105 million
Texas$90 million
Arizona$62 million
The IRS report noted southern states benefited the most from state-to-state migration in 2012, but Ohio was a net loser of residents and income to Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky, too.

The Republican For People Who Hate Republicans - “Tax hikers, social liberals, and failures — those three groups make up the core support of Kasich’s base.” ……John Kasich worked very hard to steal Jeb Bush’s donors. The only donors he could possible steal after his performance are the suckers looking to be taken advantage of by swindlers. Kasich is running a Jon Huntsman campaign, complete with Jon Huntsman’s team. It is a race that tries to portray him as the grown up, sophisticated person in the room…… In the Huntsman campaign, he was a source of division who was accused of attacking his own candidates after their campaigns fell apart. Now he is running Kasich’s campaign and he’s running the same playbook as before. He and Kasich will run to the left, drip with condescension over the rest of the Republican field, play “dad” to the arguing children, and win heaping spoonfuls of praise from the media. Along the way, they will sucker donors out of dollars, lose the race, and get a great TV deal……

Ohio economy falling behind right-to-work neighbor Michigan - Ohio's ability to outperform Michigan's long-term job growth has been a silver lining around a cloudy Ohio economic recovery for years. No longer. Since December, Ohio's private-sector job growth rate is 0.2 percent, Indiana's is 1.5 percent, and Michigan's is 1.8 percent. Michigan and Indiana are both on track to create more jobs than Ohio does this year, despite having far fewer residents. [continue reading]

YMCA seeks exemption from Ohio sales tax - Two Ohio legislators don't think the YMCA should have to charge sales tax on its memberships. (Read more)

Are Ohio's food stamp work requirements racist? - Welfare spending advocates are up in arms over Ohio's use of food stamp work requirement waivers, calling the waivers unfair and even racist. (Read more)

Ohio unemployment rate doesn't tell real story - Not everyone is thrilled with Ohio's 4.7 percent August unemployment rate - and a look at the numbers that make up the rate explains why. (Read more)

Ohio Medicaid spending is skyrocketing under Gov. Kasich
Ohio Gov. John Kasich's presidential poll numbers may not be climbing much, but Ohio's Medicaid costs certainly have. (Read more)

Ohio Supreme Court orders re-write of marijuana amendment
The Ohio Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that language for a proposed constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana is misleading and must be re-written. (Read more)
By John Hyman of Myers, Roman, Friedman and Lewis
The ADA protects employees with disabilities? But what about its anti-retaliation provision? Does an employee have to be “disabled” under the ADA for the statute to protect that employee from retaliation? According to Hurtt v. International Services, Inc. (6th Cir. 9/14/15), the answer is no.
Hurtt worked at ISI as a senior business analyst, earning a yearly draw plus a percentage commission on sales. The day after he requested FMLA-leave for (job-related) anxiety and depression, ISI terminated his draw and switched him a commission-only comp plan. He sued, claiming, among other things retaliation for requesting various accommodations for his disability, including requests for a leave of absence and for a reduced work schedule.
The 6th Circuit reversed the trial court’s dismissal of Hurtt’s retaliation claim, holding that the mere act of requesting an accommodation is sufficient to raise the specter of retaliation, regardless of whether the employee is actually “disabled”:

We have held that requests for accommodation are protected acts…. Hurtt argues that he engaged in protected activity when he requested a reasonable accommodation and when he took FMLA leave…. But, the pertinent inquiry here is not whether Hurtt proved he had a disability under the ADA, or whether ISI had specific knowledge of Hurtt’s alleged disability, but rather, whether Hurtt showed a good-faith request for reasonable accommodations.

The takeaway here is more common sense than law. If Title VII can protect a white guy from retaliation when he complains that his black co-worker is being mistreated, the ADA certainly should protect an employee requesting a reasonable accommodation, whether or not a court determines after the fact that he is, or is not, legally “disabled”. Employees who request accommodations should always be treated with care; otherwise you risk stepping on a retaliation landmine.
Is Digital Shunning Illegal Retaliation?
Wired tells the story of an Australian tribunal, which ruled that an employee was illegally bullied at work, in part because a co-worker had unfriended her on Facebook.

Transfer this case to America, and assume that the employee is claiming retaliation based on the unfriending. Supposed Employee-A complains to HR that Employee-B is sexually harassing her, and, as soon as Employee-B finds out about the complaint, he unfriends Employee-A on Facebook. Does Employee-A have a claim for retaliation based on the unfriending?
The answer is likely no.
As a matter of law, an adverse action sufficient to support a claim for retaliation merely must be an action that would dissuade a reasonable worker from complaining about discrimination. Yet, the Supreme Court has stated that the adversity to support a claim for retaliation must be “material”, and that petty slights, minor annoyances, or a simple lack of good manners normally will not count:
We speak of material adversity because we believe it is important to separate significant from trivial harms. Title VII, we have said, does not set forth “a general civility code for the American workplace.” … An employee’s decision to report discriminatory behavior cannot immunize that employee from those petty slights or minor annoyances that often take place at work and that all employees experience…. It does so by prohibiting employer actions that are likely “to deter victims of discrimination from complaining to the EEOC,” the courts, and their employers…. And normally petty slights, minor annoyances, and simple lack of good manners will not create such deterrence….

A supervisor’s refusal to invite an employee to lunch is normally trivial, a nonactionable petty slight. But to retaliate by excluding an employee from a weekly training lunch that contributes significantly to the employee’s professional advancement might well deter a reasonable employee from complaining about discrimination.

Thus, an ostracism or shunning from a social network—one that serves no work-related purpose other than fostering congeniality among co-workers—likely should not support a claim for retaliation.

Alarmists want skeptics prosecuted under RICO

Losing the climate science battle, climate alarmists want government to silence skeptics
Paul Driessen
They haven’t employed the thumb screws, rack or auto-da-fe that churches and states once used to interrogate, silence and eliminate heretics and witches. However, global warming alarmists are well practiced in the modern equivalents, to protect their $1.5-trillion Climate Crisis Industry.
They see only what they want to see, and publicize only what they want us to see. They refuse to debate anyone who questions the nature, severity or reality of “manmade climate change dangers” that are the foundation of their demands that we slash fossil fuel use, lower our living standards, and accept global government planning of economies and massive climate “adaptation and reparation” payments.
They collude to hide and manipulate data, and employ computer models that that make the Little Ice Age disappear and global temperatures climb rapidly after 1950. They pressure editors to keep contrarian papers out of scientific journals, and present false claims that 97% of scientists agree that humans are causing dangerous climate change. They take billions from government agencies whose policies and regulations they promote. They blindly ignore the serious adverse effects that their policies have on blue-collar families and the world’s poor. Imbued with religious zeal, now they’re really ramping it up.
Led by Jagadish Shukla and four associates at his George Mason University-based Institute of Global Environment and Society, NCAR researcher Kevin Trenberth and 14 little-known “climate scientists” joined in signing an astounding letter that shows how far they will go to defend their turf and cause.
It asks President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Obama science advisor John Holdren to investigate “organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change,” under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.
The letter claims the organizations’ actions “have been extensively documented,” and their “misdeeds” must be “stopped as soon as possible,” so that the world can “restabilize the Earth’s climate, before even more lasting damage is done” to human health, agriculture, biodiversity and the world’s poorest people.
The letter’s ironies, fallacies and falsehoods are almost too numerous to recount.
First, the attack on skeptic scientists was launched from a university named for George Mason, the patriot who wrote the original Virginia version of our Bill of Rights. They include freedom of speech, association, assembly, petitioning our government, and not having livelihoods and other property unreasonably seized. Sadly, it reflects the appalling state of “academic freedom” on too many campuses, which today celebrate every kind of diversity except diversity of opinion.
Second, this action is a blatant effort to (a) coerce, intimidate, slander and silence scientists and organizations that question human-caused climate dangers; (b) forcibly shut down skeptic research, funding, speech and publication; (c) destroy skeptics’ funding, businesses and livelihoods; (d) protect alarmist funding, standing and influence; and (e) bankrupt skeptics, who would have to spend personal fortunes responding to RICO charges and a Justice Department that has limitless resources at its disposal.
Third, the RICO-20 signed their names as members of university faculties and government agencies – suggesting that they represent their organizations and/or these organizations endorse their efforts. If that is the case, it represents another blatant double standard – and a tacit endorsement of the RICO agenda.
Will those institutions now demand that the RICO-20 remove any mention of their affiliations? Will they step forward to vigorously defend academic freedom, constitutional rights, and a scientific method that is severely undermined by this letter and other toxic battles over manmade climate cataclysm claims?
Fourth, RICO is used to prosecute underlying patterns or practices of criminal behavior. This letter may constitute just “acting out.” But whether it represents a pattern of alarmist parties illegally engaging in items (a) through (e) above by calling for criminal prosecution of climate skeptics – or whether opposing the ideological and political campaign for the anti-fossil fuel climate agenda constitutes the required “criminal enterprise” – remains unanswered.
In any event, the “misdeeds” alluded to in the RICO-20 letter are studies, reports and discussions that contradict alarmist allegations and what skeptics charge are exaggerations, fabrications and computer model failures that underlie those claims. This extensive library of challenges to the climate chaos thesis includes peer-reviewed NIPCC Climate Change Reconsidered reports, international climate skeptic conferences, and numerous articles, op-eds, interviews and briefings. They clearly undermine climate chaos theory, but they are protected free speech and reflect honest, replicable science.
This raises the fifth point, that “racketeering” means conducting a “racket.” The term is commonly understood to mean fraudulently offering to solve a problem, because the problem does not actually exist and/or the proffered “solution” would do nothing to solve the problem. Many would say this definition accurately describes the Climate Crisis Industry.
Climate change has been “real” throughout Earth and human history. Driven by powerful natural forces that we do not yet understand and certainly cannot control, it has ranged from gradual to sudden, from beneficial to harmful or even devastating. Contrary to alarmist assertions and computer models, there is still no observational evidence that what we are experiencing today: is different from what our ancestors confronted; is now driven by plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide instead of by the natural forces of yore; or could be prevented or controlled by ending fossil fuel use and dramatically lowering our living standards.
In fact, the notion that we can “restabilize” an unstable and frequently fluctuating planetary climate is ludicrous. So is any claim that carbon-based fuels are superfluous or readily dispensable – or that they are more damaging to human health, agriculture, biodiversity and the world’s poorest people than eliminating those fuels and relying on expensive, land-intensive, unreliable wind, solar and biofuel “substitutes.”
Equally doubtful is any suggestion that the IGES/COLA (Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies) can understand or predict Earth’s ongoing climate variations by focusing on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and ignoring the solar, cosmic, oceanic and other natural forces that govern climate.
However, IGES/COLA derived 99.6% of its 2014 funding ($3.8 million in taxpayer money) from NASA, NOAA and the National Science Foundation, according to IRS Form 990 and other documents. Under the Obama Administration, those agencies have been almost completely co-opted by the alarmist climate agenda – and would likely terminate funding for any organization that expressed doubts about CO2, reduced its focus on greenhouse gases, or reengineered its climate models to reflect the full panoply of natural forces and thereby better assure accurate monsoon and climate forecasting.
Indeed, the latest Form 990 reveals, Dr. Shukla and his wife received salaries and other compensation totaling $499,145 in 2014 from their tax-exempt research organization. Dr. Shukla worked there only part-time, and his $333,048 compensation package “was presumably on top of his $250,866-per-year [George Mason] academic salary.” That totals $750,000 a year to the RICO-20 leader and his family “from public money for climate work & going after skeptics,” Professor Roger Pielke, Jr. wrote.
The ultimate irony would be an evenhanded investigation that exonerates the skeptic organizations that the RICO-20 want investigated – and results in charges against multiple corporations and organizations (and government agencies?) that engaged in collusion, data manipulation, junk modeling and other deceitful climate research practices that have been highlighted over the years.
The Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups could well be what inspired the now fashionable idea of using the Justice Department to prosecute political opponents. The failure of the IRS and DOJ to penalize any of the perpetrators in those cases suggests that prosecution of alarmist fraud or racketeering is highly unlikely under the current administration.
However, the new 2017 administration could take a very different position. At the very least, a new Congress and Executive Branch could derail the climate alarm money train, initiate robust (and long overdue) debate on climate science and models, provide equal funding to skeptics, and end the alarmism. Potential sauce for the gander should make Dr. Shukla and fellow alarmists think twice about their tactic.
This RICO travesty shows how desperate alarmists have become. They are losing the climate science fight. Their models are increasingly contradicted by reality. Their ad hominem attacks will ultimately fail.
They also face major odds in Paris, where they may get a toothless treaty that makes empty promises to redistribute hundreds of billions of dollars from Formerly Rich Countries whose energy use and economic growth are hobbled – but places no binding emission targets on poor countries that will keep developing, burning coal and sending atmospheric carbon dioxide levels ever higher … with no effect on the climate.
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death, and coauthor of Cracking Big Green: Saving the world from the Save-the-Earth money machine.

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Obama Puts Positive Spin on Disastrous Foreign Policy in UN Speech - After almost seven years of foreign policy mismanagement, abdication of leadership, and deflection of responsibility, this disappointing speech is par for the course. Read More
Senate Advances Spending Bill With Funding for Planned Parenthood - The Senate’s continuing resolution leaves intact taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, shelving a fight that conservatives wanted Republican leadership to wage with President Barack Obama.  Read More

Freedom Force
Obama Makes Clear that Some People have More Equal Rights than Others - The thought that some people are granted a status that allows them to supersede the rights of others should be appalling. And though the founding documents make clear that our forefathers were not egalitarians, the thought that all men were not equal under the law would have shocked and angered them. But when we get to certain topics and situations, we find that our legal system has failed to prove adequate. And Obama’s recent speech will help us to illustrate what I mean.
FFRF Once Again Threatens But the Citizens of Hawkins TX Refuse to Concede - At least once a month the Wisconsin-based atheist group, Freedom From Religion Federation, finds and threatens some school or civic organization. Most of these municipal targets are found in states other than Wisconsin, and have nothing to do with the organization or its members. They breathe threats at these people and wait to see them scurry to comply. But this reign of terror might be coming to an end.Christian News reports A Texas man is fighting back against efforts to remove a “Jesus”……
Hillary Clinton Continues to Make Light of Her Email Scandal - Hillary Clinton made a Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd where she continued to make light of the email scandal that is currently consuming her campaign for President.Over the last couple of days more damning evidence has come out implicating Hillary Clinton (and her subordinates) in a devious crime against our nation.With the evidence mounting and the excuses proving to be… weak… it’s simply amazing that Clinton would continue to pretend that her self-created….
Clinton Excuses Bad Behavior by Saying People Didn’t Care About it Before - Hillary Clinton is a piece of work.Seriously.The Democrat presidential frontrunner was a guest on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday when she was forced to talk about a few things she probably would prefer to never hear about again. Specifically, Todd wanted to focus in on the email scandal that the Clinton campaign has been embroiled in, but to a larger point they discussed the many (MANY) scandals that Hillary and her husband former President Bill Clinton have been connected.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ludwig von Mises: Scholar of Free Markets and Prophet of Liberty

By Robert P. Murphy

September 29 marks the 134th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig von Mises, the tallest giant of the “Austrian School” of economics. Although Mises is not a household name, Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek once referred to him as “the master of us all.” To this day, professional economists and laypeople alike learn from the writings of a man I consider to be the most important economist of the twentieth century.

One of Mises’s earliest achievements was to bridge the two fields we now call microeconomics and macroeconomics. Originally, the classical economists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries had embraced variants of a labor theory of value in their teachings. Then, during the so-called Marginal Revolution of the 1870s, economists replaced the labor theory with the modern subjective theory of value, which sees all market prices as determined ultimately by the underlying preferences of consumers. It doesn’t matter how many labor-hours it takes to manufacture a product, according to subjectivism; if nobody really wants it, it will fetch a low price……To Read More……

Speaker Boehner's Final Opportunity for Redemption

By Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

We did not join in the cheers and whistles that greeted the announcement in Washington that House Speaker John Boehner had decided to resign from Congress at the end of October. And we did not agree with the conservative firebrand who sarcastically said that Pope Francis had gone to the Speaker’s office to perform his first exorcism!  Still, we share the sense of deepest disappointment felt by so many grassroots activists. We have the largest Republican Majority since the days of Calvin Coolidge. Many of us worked so hard to achieve the victory in the 2014 elections. We have felt betrayed by the slim achievement of this Congress. Pollsters are telling us that 62% of all Republicans feel betrayed as well. A lot of us are remembering Peggy Lee’s plaintive song:  “Is that all there is?”.......To Read More....