Thursday, September 17, 2015

The American Council on Science and Health

An Olive Oil May Enhance Mediterranean Diet Gains in Older Women - A new study suggests that incorporating additional extra virgin olive oil into the Mediterranean diet seems to reduce the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Read more.

Flawed Pesticide Study Made Scarier by CNN’s ‘Reporting’ - It was supposedly a "big" health story. We were told by that there's now an established link between the development of childhood cancers, primarily leukemia and lymphoma, and the use of pesticides. Sure sounds scary, but the science supporting this study's claim is suspect at best. Read more.

Don’t Panic Over Plague’s ‘Return’ (Since it Never Left) - If recent headlines are to be believed, the plague is making a comeback as cases have popped up in Colorado and Michigan. However, these sensationalized reports are obscuring the truth, as the plague is actually more common in the U.S. than you may think. So everyone, relax. Read more.

Hand Sanitizers, Alcohol Poisoning & Chemistry - In the past five years, alcohol poisoning of children has skyrocketed by 400 percent. Most of this is from kids, believe it or not, drinking hand sanitizer. Fortunately, this is a solvable problem -- and it's not even that hard. Send in the chemists. Read more.

Quit Lit: Academics Find Real Science Outside Universities - Two things have always puzzled us when we ponder the academic side of science: (1) Why anyone with tenure would ever leave and; (2) Why anyone without tenure would ever stay after doing two post-doctoral runs. Read more.

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