Saturday, September 26, 2015

“Fear mongers” make good living by misrepresenting science, says GMO expert

How do you think scientifically uneducated GMO fear mongerers like the “Food Babe” should be handled by the scientific community?

Scientists always have made the mistake of fighting scientific illiteracy with a deluge of hard science information. While that seems to make sense, we can’t use evidence alone to change the minds of people that don’t make decisions based on evidence.

The fear mongers make a good living off of misrepresenting science, so they are quick to marginalize scientists that seek to clarify food issues. We’re not used to having facts refuted without parallel evidence, so this puts scientists in a tricky situation to respond effectively. We usually just drop out of the conversation, as it is a no-win situation.

But now we’re realizing that it is critical for a scientific community (and science enthusiasts) to bring soft and effective conversation, and stand in opposition to such claims. Inflammatory or angry opposition just alienates the people we need to inspire most. We need to come as teachers that share the same interests in food, farming and health, only with a relatable evidence-based approach. Start from shared interests and concerns, talk about the values we all have in common, and then show how science and technology can help satisfy those issues......To Read More....




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