Friday, September 25, 2015

Jorge Bergoglio’s Green Encyclical

By William Kay  from

In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection of his own.” (Thomas Jefferson)


On May 25, 2015 Pope Francis released his anticipated and timely encyclical: Laudato Si – On Care for Our Common Home. It is not the papacy’s first endorsement of environmentalism. As the document itself stresses, a stream of green papal pronouncements date back to 1971. However, this is the first encyclical entirely devoted to promoting environmentalism and it comes from a pope who adopted the name “Francis” expressly to honour the patron saint of ecologists.

This encyclical is a directive to bishops telling them to mobilize the Church’s vast resources to further the agenda of an international environmental movement which the encyclical itself explicitly and repeatedly praises.

The encyclical validates a dozen hackneyed, discredited apocalyptic eco-scares including, of course, Global Warming. This flim-flam floats by on a confluence of Christian-theistic and Deep Ecology jargon that effectively carries the controversial subject matter beyond any point of reasonable discussion. Add a pervasive angry tone and one is left holding an ominously zous eco-manifesto.

The encyclical, in multiple places, trashes the profit motive and/or the market system. To professional liars and country bumpkins such anti-capitalist rhetoric makes Francis a revolutionary fighting for the poor. This is the Vatican line. Forgotten is that during the fire last time (1919-1945) fascism was resoundingly anti-capitalist; and it is easy to link Francis to this political tradition.

Writing a bio of Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) requires a directory of late-20th century neo-fascist organizations. His life is entwined with: the Argentine Iron Guard, Propaganda Due, the Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance, Tacuara, Comunione e Liberazione, La Cite Catholic, and Opus Dei.

Bergoglio was the spiritual leader of the Neo-Nazi, Argentine Iron Guard. He shocked his countrymen when, as Jesuit Provincial Superior in 1974, he transferred an entire university to this group just as Argentina was being hammered by a neo-fascist terror wave.

Bergoglio had confidential discussions with the very worst of the international neo-fascist criminal syndicate, Propaganda Due.

As Pope Francis, Bergoglio surrounds himself with unabashed Francoistas from the Opus Dei cult like Cardinal Maradiaga who blessed the overthrow of Honduras’s elected government in 2009 and who dismisses media reports of child-molesting priests as misinformation from a global Jewish conspiracy.

Arguably, the worst neo-fascist clique Bergoglio has links with is the Argentine Episcopal Conference. During the 1970s the Argentine state perpetrated one of the worst crimes against humanity seen in a developed country in living memory. Words like “complicity” and “collaboration” do not do justice to the full, active, red-handed participation of Church hierarchs in this protracted atrocity. Bergoglio is a veritable invention of the Argentine Episcopal Conference and Bergoglio too personally committed dreadful crimes in the 1970s.

Bergoglio’s election as Pope culminated a half-century struggle whereby reactionaries inside the Church regained control after the liberalizing, modernizing efforts of the Second Vatican Council. It is fitting that Catholic-fascism’s triumph should be celebrated with the hoisting of a great green standard. Laudato Si, with its Integral Ecology mantra, is clerico-fascism embracing eco-fascism – It signifies a homecoming of sorts.



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