Monday, September 14, 2015

The Caliphate Growing at the Feet of Obama

By Joe Herring September 14, 2015

The international left wasted no time in using the below tragic image as fodder for the multiculturalism/open borders war, suggesting that somehow the West's reluctance to provide safe haven for potentially every human being on the planet is responsible for the death of this 3-year-old boy and the other displaced people with whom he was traveling.

The reason these people left their homes is not in dispute. They were fleeing ISIS and their trademark hellish barbarism. Why is there an ISIS? Because our president is determined to create an Islamic counterbalance to perceived Western hegemony. Europe and America are too strong, and they achieved their success on the backs of the oppressed peoples of the world, most notably the peaceful Islamic peoples of the Middle East. So goes the narrativeThe entire enterprise is foolish in the extreme – not simply because it is insanity to partner in any way with barbarous Islamic supremacists such as ISIS, but primarily because we're doing it all in pursuit of a fantasy.  The Islamists are lashing out not because of Western oppression. They aren't raising generation after generation of hate-filled terrorists in response to Western exploitation. They are doing precisely what Islamists have done for 1,400 years –attempting to take over the world for Islam, as their prophet commanded them to do....To Read More....


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