Friday, September 18, 2015

A List of Mann’s Screw Ups

The lawsuit Michael Mann filed against people for supposedly defaming him has received quite a bit of attention in the blogosphere. In one conversation at The Blackboard, a commenter suggested it might be helpful if someone made a list of the:

top 10 or 15 of the most egregious Mann misstatements, incompetent work or deceptions. In all probability, the lawyers representing the various parties in the lawsuit (putting aside Steyn for the moment, who is unrepresented) go into the matter being unfamiliar with the long history of what has transpired with respect to Mann. It would be very time consuming to learn and understand what really happened. So, I think it would be very useful to have a list, with a compact explanation of its significance, of something like the top 10 or 15 Mann transgressions.......To Read More.....

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