Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis And His Green Agenda

By John Droz, Jr., Physicist

Right now the Pope is in the US, so we are inundated with popology. This special-edition newsletter can be added to that list — but it will be rather different from mainstream media reports. One can’t help but admire the Pope’s many virtues (like his genuine humility). Likewise, almost everyone would support his Christian objectives (e.g. truly helping the poor).   Unfortunately having a worthy objective is not sufficient for success. As this great theological insight says: “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

For example, it is indisputable that the poor will be immeasurably helped by having ready access to low-cost, reliable electricity. So why would the Pope support ideology that endorses high-cost, unreliable electricity (e.g. wind energy)?   My assumption (which may be naive) is that some advisors with nefarious ambitions have taken advantage of the Pope's good intentions, and humble, deferential personality.

As one scientist aptly put it: before we can know what is moral, we must know what is true.

Below I’ve collected a sample of good commentaries about the Pope’s climate change Encyclical, many of which will never see the light-of-day in major media outlets. I’ve also repeated some of the prior Pope-related articles from my recent Newsletters. Reading these will put things into better perspective.  IMO we all need to pray that our representatives stop promoting self-serving agendas, and instead adopt sound scientific solutions to our technical issues. Doing that will benefit everyone — especially the poor.

 PS — Two recommended theological based AGW petitions to consider signing: 1) for citizens and 2) for scientists.


New Commentary on the Pope’s AGW Position —

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