Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GOP lawmaker questions test scores of female Army Rangers

By Jesse Byrnes

A House Republican is investigating the test scores and supporting documentation for the two women who last month became the first female graduates of the Army's elite Ranger School.

Rep. Steve Russell (R-Okla.), a Ranger graduate who served in Iraq, sent a letter to outgoing Army Secretary John McHugh last week asking for documents on the two graduates' test scores, injuries, evaluations and other materials, according to People magazine……A source on Capitol Hill told People that the lawmaker was concerned because "sources at Fort Benning are coming forward to say the Army lied about women in Ranger School, that the women got special treatment and played by different rules."  Ranger instructors who said they were told to keep silent reportedly gave Russell's office examples of ways in which the women received special treatment, such as carrying l ess weight than the men and not taking their turn carrying heavy weaponry, People reported….. An Army representative insisted that the two completed the program on their on merit…….The Army announced early this month that it would officially open up its Ranger School to all qualified candidates, a step toward having women potentially serving in Ranger units......To Read More.....  
My Take - This is the military story to watch. Women aren't structurally designed to perform physically as well as men, especially since the Navy is now going to open Seal training to women.   I find it hard to believe these women successfully competed equally in an arena where men have a high dropout rate.  Women are weaker and more fragile than man - it's biology – get over it. The military do two things really well. Kill a lot of people and destroy a lot of property. It's not a social experiment for leftists. 

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