Monday, September 14, 2015

Entrance Exam: What To Do When the Migrant Mobs Come Pounding on Your Country's Door

By F. W. Burleigh September 14, 2015

For Western countries now facing the onslaught of refugees from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and other unstable regions of the world, a simple test should be given to determine who is allowed in and who is not.  Call it the Koran test. It is a simple entrance exam that would be scored as either Pass or Fail, and it is inspired by a recent incident at a migrant shelter in Suhl, Germany.  In that incident, one of the migrants tore up a Koran and threw the pages into a toilet. When this was discovered, all hell broke loose. A group of migrants chased the perpetrator, and he would likely have been killed if it were not for the security forces that shielded him. When they could not get at him, the irate migrants armed themselves with steel bars and began showering guards and policemen with rocks. They kept at it for several more hours, smashing car windows, ransacking buildings, and tearing apart walls inside the shelter. The perpetrator is not identified, and for good reason. If his name were known, he might eventually be tracked down and killed….... Any sane country would shut the door to Muslims. It will surely lead to the slow and painful death of one’s own society. The potential is already there in Europe with the Muslims previously allowed in, and if not stopped, this new influx of Muslim migrants might ensure Europe’s rapid cultural collapse. Because it won’t stop with this wave. Many more millions will come if the West is accommodating.....To Read More…..

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