Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sweden & The USA: Malmo & Twin Cities/Dearborn?

Jim Beers

There has never been a state or nation where Moslems were either:  the majority; a growing (historically +/- 30-40%) segment of the population that self-activates to riot and intimidation of the majority to force submission to their rule; or more recently invited by non-Moslem governments to emigrate to “their” non-Moslem countries and receive legal preferences, financial support, and now even other people’s property to settle and establish scattered communities where their higher birthrate will assure that “Moslem-Only” enclaves currently growing as in Paris, Marseilles, Birmingham and Dearborn, Michigan, et al, That did not seriously disrupt and even destroy the non-Moslem host society. 

(Editor's Note: This link and the one above takes you to an article about the criminal havoc Muslims are perpetrating in Sweden - just in the month of August alone.    Sweden was was largly unscathed by all this crime and violence before their leftist Swedish "leaders" sold out their society to the irrational leftist concept of Multiculturalism and permitted this Muslim invasion.  You have to ask - What is it with the Swedes?)

This will inevitably create massive and insoluble problems for non-Moslem inhabitants, non-Moslem culture and non-Moslem society. It inevitably leads to and has always led to Moslem-instigated laws and rules that oppressed and eventually ignored the persecution and extinction of non-Moslems and their cultures, or that resulted in horrendous wars, battles and ongoing skirmishes like:

·         Muslim Conquest of Egypt 640 AD
·         Muslim Conquest of North Africa 681-705 AD
·         Battle of Guadalete 711 AD (Moslems occupy Spain)
·         Battle of Poitiers/Tours 732 AD (Moslems repulsed by the French under Charles Martel)
·         Siege & Battle of Constantinople 717 AD (Moslems repulsed then and several times later over the next 750 years)
·         8 Crusades 1095-1270 AD
·         Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa 1212 (By 1250 all but a small part of Spain returns to non-Moslem control)
·         Ottoman Crusades 1366-1444 AD
·         Battle of Kosovo 1389 AD
·         Gallipoli falls 1394 AD
·         Battle of Varna 1444 AD
·         Constantinople falls 1453 AD (Ottoman, i.e. Moslem, Empire extends from Tunisia through Egypt and Lebanon to Serbia/Bosnia/Greece/Crimea)
·         Battle of Lepanto 1571 AD (Defeat of a Moslem fleet intending to sack and occupy Rome)
·         Siege and Battle of Malta 1565 AD (Moslem invaders repulsed at great loss of life)
·         Siege and Battle of Vienna 1683 AD (Ottoman Army intending to invade and occupy Europe)
·         Moro Insurgency in So. Philippines 1899 – Present
·         Occupation and oppression of East Timor 1975-1999
·         Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia/Serbia savagery during Yugoslavian break-up in the early 1990’s
·         Current deadly and persistent, social and religious turbulence in Chechnya, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Syria, Libya, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, China, Thailand, India, Russia, etc.
·         Recent bombings, shootings, beheadings and other intimidations of non-Moslems in buildings, planes, theatres, meetings, trains, workplaces, etc. in Europe, Russia, and the USA.

NOTE: (1400 years of Moslem enslavement of Africans is a history or death and abuse on a massive scale. While European slave traders were also guilty of this travesty, the numbers killed, the numbers dying en-route and the treatment of slaves by Moslems was far more cruel and deadly than anything perpetrated by non-Moslems. Conquered non-Muslim people, be they white or black, are eligible for slave status and treatment. While the US & European slave trade accounted for 11 Million slaves (95% to Central and So. America and 5% to American Colonies and States w/ 10% dying en-route and were able to have children): Moslem slave traders both sold Africans to the Atlantic slave traders and sent another +/- 28 Million Africans to Moslem buyers during that period where 80% died en-route and most were castrated and children were killed at birth. Estimates of the numbers of Africans enslaved by Moslems for Moslems range from 112 to 180 Million. There have never been any Moslem Abolitionists and the writings and teachings that supported this still exist and have never been renounced.)

That the UN, USA and EU “governments” encourage and underwrite this massive emigration is stunning in and of itself. That certain local governments that are supposedly closer to the people like cities, member “nations”, and States and Provinces either encourage, permit or ignore what is happening is utterly unbelievable. Other tyrannical scams like global warming, wolves, and catastrophic government fires in the US pale in comparison to this and the omnipresent fear exhibited by non-Moslems that are afraid to offend others or to question increasingly powerful central government oppression that will be our lasting shame until our history books are burned and either forbidden or rewritten by conquerors distinguished by, among other things, their lack of Judaeo-Christian values and literature and history books.

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