Monday, September 14, 2015

Show Me Tyranny

Paul Jacob
Ron Calzone has committed the most shocking political crime possible: daring to actively participate in his state’s legislative process as a private citizen and as leader of an NGO (non-governmental organization).  Wait, no, it’s much, much worse than that: Calzone has also been effective.  Now, that is serious. The restless citizens of Mizzouland might be getting [gasp!] organized.  Mr. Calzone is the president of Missouri First, an organization advocating constitutional, accountable government. More importantly, this citizens lobbying group does the hard work of communicating with people and finding ways for their voices to be heard in the capitol — their online system allowing more folks to submit testimony at legislative hearings comes immediately to mind…… On Friday, the Missouri Ethics Commission — performatively admitting it doesn’t recognize the First Amendment — fined Calzone $1,000 and ordered that he register as a lobbyist before speaking to any legislators……To Read More…..

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