Monday, September 21, 2015

Genetic Literacy Project

Does the organic led anti-GMO campaign have race-related undertones?
Julie Kelly| Genetic Literacy Project
The most visible symbol of the US organic movement calls the American food system "apartheid, food slavery and [a] food prison. Could he be unwittingly talking about anti-GMO and organic activists?

Andrew Porterfield | Genetic Literacy Project
Glyphosate is well known as a comparatively mild pesticide but has become a target of anti-GMO activists. They may be targeting a chemical with medicinal properties.

Wayne Parrott| Genetic Literacy Project
I have long been a firm believer that any public scientist who cannot explain, defend and justify his/her work to the public and to funding agencies has no business receiving those funds or doing that research. This philosophy is underscored by some federal granting agencies that require a commitment to broader impacts by scientists; these can […]

David Warmflash| Genetic Literacy Project
On the horizon is the delivery of genetically-engineered bacteria into the human gut that can diagnosis gastrointestinal conditions, or even deliver drugs.

Ben Locwin| Genetic Literacy Project
Monitoring brain functions can tell us a lot about neurobiological structures and what's going on. But now we have the ability to actually see the brain's neurons communicating by flaring' genes. That opens the possibility for new treatments for....

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