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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

What We're Seeing is Irreversible in America's Major Cities.

By Rich Kozlovich

I've spent the bulk of my adult life in the Cleveland, Ohio area, and I love it here and I've loved Cleveland with all its ups and downs, but things have changed dramatically since 1965 when the population in Cleveland was 1,875,000. As of July of 2022 it was 361,607.  Whites make up only 38% of the population, blacks 47% and are still granted minority status, and has the power in Cleveland’s administration.  

Violent crime in Cleveland is 17.4 per 1000. In all of Ohio it's only 3.76 and nationwide it's 4. And let’s face it, crime statistics clearly show those crimes are mostly being committed by blacks, most of them the product of illegitimacy.   In America's major cities, this is the pattern throughout America.

Democrats are in charge in Cleveland, and in any city in which they're in charge they're driving these cities in a massively destructive direction.  Improved race relations are in the dumpster, and rampant anti-white racism is rampant, for which Barack Obama and the Democrat party are directly responsible.

In 1965 illegitimacy in black America was 24% and 3% in white America. In 1990 it was 64 percent for blacks and 18 percent for whites. In black America it’s now around 70%, and around 30% for white America. That's an obscene voluntary abandonment of men to their responsibilities, and a unbelievable and active acceptance by the women.   That’s massively destructive, and that destructiveness is spreading. That’s an abandonment of all the foundational values that create stable societies.

While there’s been efforts to restore Cleveland's neighborhoods, that required tearing down entire sections of the city to put up new buildings. As of right now, entire sections of Cleveland are either vacant lots with everything torn down, or have blocks of empty buildings, businesses and homes, that are rat infested holes surrounded by slums. And surrounding suburbs are equally impacted by all this, such as East Cleveland, which is a disaster. 

Driving down Euclid Avenue, Cleveland's main street, once known as "Millionaires' Row",  is deceptive.  Go a few blocks to the left or right, and reality sets in.

How can you revive any major city if the inhabitants live in a culture that’s undisciplined, irresponsible, refuse to be educated, and violent? One in which a huge percentage of the inhabitants of the city think that’s just fine and dandy.

I don't think that's possible because they've abandoned all the Judaic/Christian values that make a society stable.  If there is no stable moral foundation for a society, there is no stability, and then society becomes a mob.  

The worst mayors in the nation?  In 2021 Daniel Greenfield listed 14 of them, and they were all black, and/or far left lunatics, but they were all Democrats, and each and everyone of of them were race baiting hustlers shouting America is institutionally racist, among other things, but clearly they all hate America and are destroying the cities they lead, or led.  

Part I: Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot.
Part 2: LA’s Eric Garcetti.
Part 3: DC’s Muriel Bowser.
Part 4: KC’s Quinton Lucas.
Part 5: SF’s London Breed.
Part 6: Philly’s Jim Kenney.
Part 7: St. Louis’ Tishaura Jones.
Part 9: Seattle’s Jenny Durkan.
Part 10:
Minneapolis’s Jacob Frey.
Part 11: Charlottesville’s Nikuyah Walker.
Part 12: Portland’s Ted Wheeler.
Part 13: Atlanta’s Keisha Lance Bottoms.
Part 14: NYC’s Bill de Blasio

We all know Lori Lightfoot as mayor of Chicago is gone (All due to racism, homophobia, and misogyny and her incompetence had nothing to do with it) and her replacement is even nuttier.  Will he fix Chicago's downward spiral?  

Well, it turns out crime is so out of control in Chicago someone was murdered right across the street from his home, and 53 people were shot and 11 murdered over the holiday weekend.   

So, I guess the answer to my question is, "no". 


  1. Orpheus DescendingJuly 18, 2023 at 6:10 AM

    Interesting article. Sad to say the problem extends far beyond Cleveland, as so many of the former great industrial cities are afflicted with the same rot. Citizens who can, have fled, and those remaining often have little or no choice but watch the world spin more out of control by the day. Detroit, St. Louis, Gary. . the list is long.

    What have we done to ourselves?

  2. Things were bad enough with home grown hoodlums but now its being magnified x 10 with feral migrants that are going to turn much of America into a scene from a dystopian 1970s movie
    This, unfortunately, is the West committing suicide by decadent globalist inspired government . moreover, I don't see how western countries avoid civil war and pragmatic partition when sensible folk decide they want to try and save themselves from a predictable future . The leftists who did this to us all should be hunted down and evicted from this earth

  3. I have to believe this can all be turned around if those who love America start using the same cutthroat tactics against the communists that they use against America. With God's help.