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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Sino-Shill Sunak Breaks Promise to Ban Communist China’s Confucius Institutes From UK Universities

Kurt Zindulka

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has broken his promise to ban the Communist Chinese satellite propaganda Confucius Institutes in the latest brazen attempt to curry favour with Beijing.  Despite promising during the Tory leadership contest last year to ban Confucius Institutes, which are directly funded by the CCP’s propaganda department, from operating in Britain Downing Street has decided to backtrack on this pledge.   “We are taking action to remove all government funding from Confucius Institutes in the UK, but currently judge that it would be disproportionate to ban them,” a Number 10 spokesman is quoted as saying by the Financial Times.   Like any international body operating in the UK, Confucius Institutes need to operate transparently and within the law, and with a full commitment to our values of openness and freedom of expression.  “We recognise concerns about overseas interference in our higher education sector, including through Confucius Institutes, and regularly assess the risks facing academia.” .......To Read More.....
My Take - Is it possible this nutroll actually believes the incredibly stupid things he's saying?  These Confucius Institutes are clearly spy organizations.  How about this.  The Russia FSB, the KGB's main successor, can operate in England as long as they obey English law.  Yeah, right!  How about this as an assessment of Rishi Sunk?  This guy is clearly telling you not to believe anything he says.  So don't 

One more thing.  What's wrong with the Brits?  Can't they find anyone with half a brain to be Prime Minister?  In the last seven years they've had four Prime Ministers, all of whom have been abject losers.  And there's still  not a Maggie Thatcher anywhere on the horizon. 

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