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Monday, May 15, 2023

Something Wicked This Way Comes

May 14, 2023 By Greg P. Richards

No, I didn’t think of it. Shakespeare did, in Macbeth, inspirting others to quote himBut it fits with what three recent incidents tell us about what is coming our way.  Under Democrats' governance. You can always, as the kids say… put your head between your legs and kiss your hind-quarters goodbye. But before we get there, there are some other things we can do. Let’s review, very briefly, the three incidents mentioned above…

A 63-year-old bodega employee was attacked in his store by a perpetrator with his girlfriend along. In the course of the scuffle, the girlfriend stabbed the bodega man. Whereupon, the 63-year-old bodega man, in spite of being wounded, attacked with a knife so forcefully that he killed the perpetrator. What did the Democratic governance of NYC do? the bodega employee    

A 73-year-old rancher with a rifle, who lives near the border in Arizona, shot and killed an invader in a group of migrants crossing his property. The details are still obscure. Did the migrants have some rifles? Were there any shots in the rancher’s direction? Did the  rancher first fire over the heads of the migrants? The rancher was arrested, imprisoned – since released – and charged with murder.   

In a NYC subway car, a young man walked down the car, razzing the passengers, saying, among other things, that he was willing to die, assaulting people with thrown trash. The perpetrator got to the end of the car and continued his behavior with a passenger who showed distress. There was another passenger there, a 26-year-old former Marine, who saw the distress of the target person. He stepped in...............

Something wicked. A strategy in four parts to crush the community; to destroy America...

  1. Defund the police.
  2. Which delegitimizes the police.
  3. Even more, it delegitimizes the community.   The community determines the norms the police are maintaining and establishes the metaphysics which everybody – including criminals – at least take account of. (For instance, prior to the most recent plunge under Democrats’ governance, nobody had sex on the sidewalk or defecated there. It  was uncool for everybody.)
  4. After Democrats’ governance has delegitimized the police and then the community, how does the community defend itself?  By volunteers using the Second Amendment. Except that Democrats’ governance criminalizes those who step in.

Quite a package! De-police the country; disarm the citizens. Convert Enterprise America to Welfare America. Top-down socialism. No rights. No Constitution. No community. That’s the fight we’re in.  Is it here yet? No, but we can see it coming on where Democrats’ governance prevails, i.e., in the blue areas of the country…a swatch running approximately from Los Angeles, through San Francisco, the Northwest, the Upper Midwest, and on to New York and the big cities of the East with stops in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and other big cities..........To Read More.....

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