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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Why Kari Lake Couldn't Close the Deal

May 25, 2023 By Jay Valentine @ American Thinker

Editor's Note: I've not asked for, nor received permission to publish this great voter fraud piece.  If American Thinker or Jay Valentine object I will break it down into a link.  But I think this piece is so profound it needs as large a distribution as possible, and I would like to recommend viewing my RK 

The 2022 stolen Arizona governor's election is an ideal template for 2024 — and it is equally a mirror reflection, with all the moving parts, of 2020. 

This week, Kari Lake lost, again, in a court that wouldn't have given her a victory had 240,000 citizens signed affidavits saying their ballots were stolen and changed at gunpoint. 

The courtroom exhibits may not have swayed the jurists, but those signature mismatches showed plenty of evidence that Kari Lake's election was stolen by a lack of signature verification — and more.

Kari Lake's election is the template for important American elections from now on.

Lake is a massively charismatic MAGA candidate who politicos know has the legs to go the distance.  She handles the press like how a kindergarten teacher handles unruly kids — except the teacher doesn't make the kids look stupid.  Kari does.

Kari lost because she is naturally gifted and could upend established order.  The leftists pulled out all the stops — just like 2020 and, soon, 2024.

Her team's outstanding testimony in several court cases showed that elected officials changed printer settings, mostly in Republican areas, so printers would not process a ballot. 

Officials ran signatures through a nonexistent verification process, counting several hundred thousand ballots that were clearly sketchy.

Our team did the expert witness report on Kari Lake election data showing elected officials jacked with voter rolls days before the election — as in 22,000 new voters and 107,000 changes to the rolls, and thousands of address changes.  We suspect that those voter roll manipulations were not to help Kari.

This is the reality of important elections in America today. 

Ballot-harvesting is not the problem.  Signature verification is not the problem.  Jacking with the voter database days before the vote is not the problem.  Phantom voters — by the tens of thousands — are not the problem.  Election commissions allowing third parties real-time visibility to the voter cast ballot list to vote the recalcitrants is not the problem.  U.S. Postal Service employees gathering loose ballots for leftist groups is not the problem.

The problem is that leftists control the entire election apparatus in every swing state, and they have innumerable tools — like those just noted — to steal any election.  The Kari Lake election showed that the leftists will use all of them when needed.

The Kari Lake election is equally a template for 2024 because Lake's reaction is to take Arizona back by "chasing ballots."

That is the same strategy President Trump is employing — he calls it ballot-harvesting, being a bit looser with vocabulary.

Leftists are jumping for joy as Lake and Trump take the bait — outperform the pros at ballot-harvesting, when they have a dozen other ways to steal an election.  None of those ways is addressed by Lake or Trump.  They do not even understand them.

How about real-time, or close to it, snapshots of state voter rolls — especially around election time — to stop 33,000 ZIP codes from being changed the week mail-in ballots are sent out, then changed back?  Time series voter roll analysis exposes any change to a voter roll, which is later hidden when that change is reversed.

How about testing, real time, to stop 41,400 inactive voters from being changed to active, voted, then changed back again?

How about comparing the election rolls to the property tax rolls to make sure people residing in a vacant lot are flagged?  In Arizona, it's cool for someone to claim a street corner as his address — many thanks to years of RINO leadership.  How does the guy living on the street corner get a mail-in ballot?  It's not as if there is mail delivery to that tent on the corner in Phoenix. 

We're not done.

What about the real-time access to state election systems to count cast ballots illegally given to leftist organizations so they know exactly how many ballots they need to win — by just a little? 

What about tens of thousands of hidden secondary voter IDs, invisible to voters, electronically moved to counties where they are voted, then moved back?  They didn't vote; clever leftists took care of that civic duty for them.

How about the "contribution mules" making thousands of small donations, and when an intrepid reporter knocks on their door, they are amazed — since they didn't make the donations?  Anyone checking for that? 

Does anyone think for a moment that "chasing ballots" with the Kari Lake Excellent Adventure team is going to stop leftists from tampering — successfully — with an election?

Or is it perhaps the only strategy to employ when you don't know what else to do? 

How does one take on election fraud when it has so many layers, so many manifestations, that one cannot figure out where to start?  Sometimes any action is better than none — but do not confuse action with results. 

Important elections in swing states are manipulated by elected officials. 

Ballot-chasing won't change anything — it will just keep the troops busy until the next loss, followed by endless litigation.

These election fraud techniques share two characteristics: each is invisible to current technology, and each can be visualized and likely thwarted with real-time, high-speed database analysis.

Republicans don't embrace real time. 

The RNC, the Trump Campaign, the Lake Campaign continue to fail with batch computer systems using 1970s technology.

Once that was an opinion.  It is now fact, since our team offered the Arizona election integrity team real-time cross-searching of county voter rolls.  They demurred — each of the seven times we offered.  It was for free — we would do all the work; just give us the data.

After doing the expert witness report for the Lake Campaign, we saw that had real-time analysis been in place, for even a single county, Lake could have stopped the thousands of voter roll manipulations made days before the election.  Lake would have surprised the leftists.  The 17,000-vote difference was well within her reach — just not her grasp.

Instead, here we are.  Lake losing court case after court case.  Arizona likely lost for a decade or more.

Real-time visibility is disruptive.  It disrupts the bad guys because they can no longer hide in latent, wildly inaccurate databases like those in Arizona.  Everything they do, down to changing a comma, is immediately visible.

Real time is disruptive to the Trump and RNC data types with their 1970s SQL technology that could not possibly thwart these leftist tactics.  They can't implement real time because they don't know how. 

Real time is disruptive to the Republican election integrity types who hold seminars, gather donations, lose elections, file lawsuits, and gather more donations.  They offer those same 1970s ancient technologies.  It's all they know.

Perhaps instead of trying to "out-ballot-harvest" the professionals, it might make sense to out-compute them, stop their fraud apparatus in flight — something some of us know something about.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud engine, the TSA No-Fly List, and the Undeliverable Ballot Database.  He can be contacted at and Twitter at @AmericaOME17300.

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