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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Runners, Joggers, and Vocal Spectators: Election 2024

Rich Kozlovich

In every election, on both sides of the aisle, I see the same things playing out.  There are those who are running and are contenders. Then there are those who are running, but not very fast, and not very far.  Then there are those who only talk about running and never do, but as Will Rogers once said, they "never miss a good chance to shut up."

So let's do a bit of analysis, and a little prediction for those running and not running for nomination to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States in the 2024 primaries.

There are a number of impressive (and some not so impressive) people who've decided to run for President of the United States as the Republican nominee in 2024.  First, let's start with those who might run but have not declared.  

As far as I can tell Chris Christie hasn't announced, and I don't really think he will.  He's a big mouth, and a nasty one at that, and in spite of the stupid things he says, he's not a stupid big mouth.  Three years ago he registered as a lobbyist, and I assume he's still a lobbyist.  If so, when he announces I have to assume he's going have to walk away from that.  But whether that's the case or not, he has no credibility and he'll look ever more foolish than he looks when he appears as an anti-Trump RINO on the leftist talk shows.   Right along with nutrolls like John Kasich, who became something he railed against for years, a lobbyist, and Liz Chaney who most likely will become one.  All of whom will be making big bucks.   Which would explain their need to appear on left wing talk shows deriding Trump and conservatives.   

Christie's base, if there is one, is as fragile as a soap bubble.  

There's talk that New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum might also run, but I put them in the same category, and they have to know it.  Perhaps there is one thing that might make them run.  An addiction to prominence.  It must be a heady thing to have so many wanting to hear what they have to say, be on camera, interviewed on talk shows, have their pictures taken with people, shake their hands, being hosted and lauded.  Kind of like John McCain. It was said the most dangerous place on the planet was standing between John McCain and a camera.  Otherwise, I have no idea what could possibly be the the motive for any of these people to run.  Actually, I have no idea why anyone wants to be a politician.

Larry Elder is an impressive speaker and writer with solid conservative credentials, but he's not going anywhere.  I like him but for some reason he turns people off.  He's smart, charming, very knowledgeable and articulate.  But he's not going to get far.  His motive for running? I think he likes the attention and believes he can mold policy.  Maybe he's right and could be a good addition to a conservative administration.  Even if he has been declared to be a black white supremacist by leftist race hustlers, which is normal fair for smart, articulate, conservative Americans who happen to be black.

Nikki Haley is not to be trusted, and while she seemed to be outstanding as the Ambassador to the United Nations, she proved to be a leaky vessel, and turned on Trump for reasons I never understood, although here are her excuses which I think tells the whole story on Nikki.   I think she's a make believe conservative, and I'm not alone.  Here was Townhall Kurt Schlichter's view of Nikki:

Nikki Haley and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner going around Twitter, and people are going "Ugh." She's terrible. She's the worst. And I want you to assume whenever I say Nikki Haley that there's an exclamation point (Nikki!) because she is Jeb! in a skirt. And Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is also Jeb! in a skirt. Apparently, he's running in the California recall because we need more novelty acts...... And I'm tired of novelty's so annoying.

In times past I've read things about her personal history that aren't flattering, and if that's so, that will come back to haunt her.  But no matter what, she's not to be trusted.

Asa Hutchison - While as Governor of Arkansas he had very solid conservatives views and positions, but I just don't get this guy. On one hand he praises Biden's handling of the blatantly fallacious covid pandemic and then told businesses not to comply with federal vaccine mandates, and encouraged large businesses to not comply with the Biden administration's vaccine requirements.  He claimed Trump was dividing the nation with his claims the 2020 election was stolen, calling it the "big lie", and supported Adam Kinzinger and Liz Chaney in their corrupt effort to make the right to protest on January 6th a crime.  And we're to believe this is the guy who will go after the criminals in the Deep State?  He's toast.   His motive for running?  He's nuts?  Or maybe he has a "prominence addiction"?

Mike Pence hasn't declared, but I'm listing him among the runners because he was after all the Vice President.  I liked Pence and I understood his dilemma, and I thought Trump treated him badly, but as time has gone by, he's buried himself.  He has no base in the Republican party, or one as fragile as the Bush's.  He's a good man, a good family man, gracious, and I think a kind man, but he's not going anywhere if he runs.  He wouldn't make a dent in the primaries, and while I may be mistaken, I don't think he's going to declare, and for his sake I hope he chooses to go another direction. As I said, I like the man. 

Vivek Ramaswamy - Now this guy is really impressive.  When you listen to him it is impossible not to be impressed.  A very successful businessman, young, articulate, very knowledgeable and gives the impression he "is" America's Real McCoy conservative.  But is he?  On February 22, 2023 Jordan Schachtel posted this piece, Vetting Vivek Ramaswamy, on his Dossier substack, and his background send up some serious red flags involving Soros, the World Economic Forum, these covid vaccines, and his business relations with China, and more. Schachtel ends his commentary with this:

What’s the real agenda? It seems that Vivek Ramaswamy knows full well that he will not actually be a serious contender for president. He has already spoken about wanting to merely be able to make the debate stage. His campaign website does not discuss his platform in any detail at all. It only shares clips of his media appearances and it is largely nothing more than a donation page.  What is Vivek Ramaswamy actually running for? First, maybe we can get some more clarity about who this man really is and what he believes.

I think that is profound, provocative, and needs to be explored. 

Tim Scott - Scott is another stunningly impressive man, smart, articulate, gracious, kind, intelligent, very conservative, and just like Larry Elder, he's not really black.  According to the left and the race hustlers, he's another black white supremacist, an Oreo cookie, and worse.  Andrea Widburg of American Thinker went to one of his rallies and she was absolutely impressed. Will he get the nod? No.  Trump is the candidate, but this man should be in a position of responsibility in any conservative administration.   You may wish the read the comments in Andrea's article.  I think they're even more impressive. 

Ron DeSantis - I saved DeSantis for last, as he is the only real contender.  Since DeSantis announced via Twitter he was running for President in 2024 the media has been aflame with commentary, and much of it not too complimentary.  Here are three from American Thinker

Truth be told, I don't understand DeSantis at all. While I like what he's done and stood for in Florida (although there are those who have serious allegations over some issues) I just can’t understand his motives.  While I think Trump is making a mistake with his petty attacks against DeSantis, he’s still going to be the nominee. DeSantis is a smart guy. He must know that.   If he’s just in this to negotiate for a Sec. of State appointment to drop out, I would think that could better happen if he openly supported Trump. Is he laying ground work for 2028? I think that’s a very real possibility.

However, I’m of the opinion Keri Lake will get the VP nod if Trump is nominated, and if that happens and they win, she will be extremely difficult to beat in 2028. Would he settle being her VP in 2028 and wait eight more years for his shot?  I don’t think that’s in his mind. But he’s only 44, and in 14 years he would be 58, still young enough to take a shot.  What really is going on in his mind is difficult to comprehend, but I think this run is mistake for him.

Okay, that's the world as I see it, and this is only the end of May.  There will be an awful lot more coming down the pike before November 6, 2024, and things can change fast.  But this is how I see it now, and what I really see is if the Republicans don't get tough on voter fraud, they won't win again. 

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