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Monday, November 27, 2023

Runners, Joggers, and Vocal Spectators: Election 2024, Part V

By Rich Kozlovich

 Initially when I started this series the only candidates were Joe Biden, and at that time the DNC made it clear he "would" be their candidate, and a small herd of Republicans who would debate, but without Trump, which of course made the debates meaningless from the start.  Well, that's all changed, and dramatically.  My next two pieces in this series will deal with Democrats and Third Party candidates. The fact is, the title of these articles should now be The Runners, the Delusional, and the Demented.  

The nation was once again exposed to another Gong Show, aka, the Third Republican Presidential Debate.   It’s good to be king—or, if you’re Ronna McDaniel, queen of the GOP.  Instead of the expected red wave in 2022 after two miserable years of Biden's corrupt, incompetent, destructive, and traitorous Presidency, they ended up with what Andrea Widburg calls a "red piddle", and a large part of that can be placed at McDaniel's feet, right along with Mitch McConnell, caused by whatever mental disorder that's afflicting them.  Unfortunately that's an chronic infectious plague that's happening throughout the Republican party as noted in this piece, Report from the Sausage Factory, saying:

California RINOs are out to completely gut the state GOP's platform, stripping out all conservative and moral distinctions.......the Platform Drafting Committee of the California Republican Party......produced a new draft platform which represents a sea change in the official positions of the CRP.  It is a stripped down, dumbed down document barely four pages in length and so vague as to be meaningless at best......

The second GOP debate was a mess, with pointless screaming matches, and in point of fact, all the debates demonstrated these Republicans are delusional and cluelessness.  Not to mention the serious lack of civility and manners.  And that falls on those from the RNC who are responsible for organizing these Gong Shows. 

In these "debates" there has been a lot of petty bickering about nothing, like Haley and Scott over curtains, and the Bickering between her and Ramaswamy, saying he makes her feel "a little dumber" which of course makes one wonder how dumb is she, and how dumb does she think she is?  I'm gonna take a shot here and say, I'm betting they really don't like one another.    

What one really has to ask, where was the strong attacks on Joe Biden's corrupt administration?  Where was the outrage over illegal immigration and Biden's deliberate ignoring of court decisions?   Where were the attacks on the Democrat party's efforts to turn America into a  Communist Police State?  Where was the outrage and deep concern over Democrats making America a one party nation via massive and provable levels of

Attacking Trump is much easier I guess.

Non Sequitur Comic Strip for March 13, 1992 

blast Joe Biden for letting Iranian Proxies attack U.S. Troops in Iraq and Syria, but that proves even a blind monkey can find a coconut occasionally.   They even want Israel to ‘Finish the Job’ with Hamas.

Here's where the Republicans now stand, and considering their positions and performances, "stands", is a misnomer. 

Mike Pence is out, and given his position on things, such as potentially sending in US troops to fight in Ukraine, and blaming Trump and other Republicans for the attack on Israel by Hamas instead of the man most responsible with his stunningly incompetent foreign polices, Joe Biden, that's a good thing.   While at one time I was fooled into believing he was a good man, I now believe that was an error in judgement.  Based on his views, I also think he's either clearly stupid, or he's lying. 

Tim Scott has dropped out, and while I think well of him, I have no idea what was in his mind thinking he could become the Republican nominee, and before the rants start, it's clear race has nothing to do with it, and I'm betting he would agree.   Burgum is....well....white, and he had even less chance than Scott, and that was from day one.  I have no idea what he's about, and in my view, neither does he, even if he gets some things right, no one cares, and Asa Hutchinson belongs in the same category.  Why are they still in.  I have no idea, except they like all the attention.  But whether they drop out or hang on, it matters little to the world.

Chris Christie is easy to understand.  He's an arrogant, vicious, nasty egomaniac with nothing to offer but vile and bitterness.  I bet he's really fun at a party.   He actually thinks stalking Trump wherever he goes good politics for his "run" for the nomination. Why is he gong to stalk him?  Because Trump's afraid of him!  So Trump is hiding instead of debating him.  Well, let's see.  Has that worked? Chris Christie Crashes and Burns as Freedom Summit Boos Him, Kills His Campaign by Insulting the Crowd's 'Reprehensible' Beliefs.  Not well it seems, so why is he still in?  Arrogance, and a massive ego that's all out of proportion to his intellect, or level of class, which is all low.  

Let's go to Nikki Haley before DeSantis, who is dropping like a stone. Here's a person who you would think having been an excellent ambassador to the United Nations would have a clear and solid vision on what's going on internationally.  You would think that wouldn't you!  Nikki Claims Ukraine Is a ‘Democracy’, and it turns out she's a War Hawk wanting more funding for Ukraine.  Haley is pro-abortion and is condemning Senator Tuberville saying he's using military families to stop the Pentagon's illegal use of taxpayer funds to support abortion.  

She does get one thing right in she want's to defund sanctuary cities, and I would think that would include sanctuary states, but the Republican base isn't impressed, and the polls show it.  Her response? She dismisses those polls, and according to her people are tired of Trump, and she can win as a result..  So, she understands the Republican base so well she's decided to turn to desperate never Trumpers, Romney and Ryan for support.  Imagine that!  Well, that shouldn't have surprise anyone. I've said from the beginning, she has history that's unappetizing demonstrating why she can't be trusted.  

This post by Andrea Widburg on November 24, 2023, VIDEO: A pro-DeSantis PAC makes a well-targeted attack against Nikki Haley, outlines why she really doesn't like Nikki.   Adding more reasons that demonstrate why she's not to be trusted.  Personally, I not only find her untrustworthy, I think there's something wrong with her mind, much like her neo-con never Trump supporters, all of whom are amoral big government control misfits.  Take a guess who  Pierre Defecto! — Romney Backs? 

"Democrats, DeSantis, or Haley Over Trump or Vivek."  

And we're shocked...right?  Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) — best known for backing Black Lives Matter, losing elections, and having a fake Twitter account by the name of “Pierre Delecto” — has claimed he would vote for a Democratic candidate over former President Donald Trump or businessman Vivek Ramaswamy in 2024, in fact, Romney went totally over the edge claiming "any Democrat would be an 'upgrade' over Trump".  Now I have to wonder.  Is that a clear demonstration of a man with serious mental/emotional problems?  If it is, and it certainly seems to be so,  the answer to Nikki as a presidential candidate, according to Jeff Crouere is....... NO THANKS NIKKI.

DeSantis has completely lost his way and is done, he just won't admit it.  He's dropping in the polls, his campaign has financial issues, he's losing donors, there are some questionable fundraising issues, (And Here) and there's discontent within his campaign, and he wants to stop drugs from Mexico by launching Missiles into Mexico.  He's demonstrated a complete disregard for Trump voters and a dislike of Kari Lake.

However, there are two things he says the Republican conservative base really like hearing.  If elected here's the trash he'll throw out on his first day in office, and, he says he would not serve as Trump’s VP.   The base really likes that second one.  There is one thing both DeSantis and Haley agree on.  Trump isn't right to be President now.  Imagine that, and they are?  

Here's Earick Ward's take on both DeSantis and Haley. DeSantis' Never Trump positions have ended any national runs in the future, and he needs to put the nation first and "man up" and quit.  As for Haley, he thinks she "will go scorched earth (à la Chris Christie) when things don’t go her way in the early primary states."  I agree on both counts. 
Vivek Ramaswamy has a spat with Nikki Haley that's still on going, saying she's Dick Cheney in three-inch heels, and he's probably right in that.  But he has some problematic views.  He blames Hamas' Attack on Israel on U.S. Peace Talks with Saudi Arabia, is against a Gaza invasion, and removal of Hamas.   He's gotten some things right calling for a trade shutdown with China amid fentanyl deaths.  Yet at other times he sound like a WEF promoter.  If elected promises no neocons will serve in his administration, rightly calls Climate Change a Cult.  He bought into the Church of Wokeness believing crime is just a mental health issue.   However, he plans to cut these 6 agencies, with no outline on exactly he intends to do that.  Great soundbite.  He has an even better soundbite. He says he can defeat a ‘wounded’ trump.  Yeah, right!  Let's get this right, Vivek is not the guy:
Unfortunately, Mr. Ramaswamy appears to hold some deeply unnerving opinions on trade and immigration, the two issues perhaps most fundamental to solving the problems plaguing our nation.  Indeed, as many conservatives understand, our leadership class's reckless trade and immigration policies have done inestimable damage to America and its future.  Yet, in a recent conversation with entrepreneur Elon Musk, Vivek sounds more World Economic Forum globalist than would-be reformer....
Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, and watching the lunatics suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome emerge from their moral and intellectual sewers has always been fascinating, and it's only going to get more fascinating.  

Barbra Streisand  claims electing Donald Trump will destroy our Democracy, yes but it will save "our" Republic.  She even claims she won't live in America if Trump is elected.  Now there's an excellent reason for hoping he's elected, maybe she can take Susan Sarandon and Cher with her when she leaves. Promises, promises. 

Joy Reid of MSNBC,  who suffers from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, calls Trump the "Jim Jones of the MAGA cult", claiming this support of Trump is "a weird devotion".  

Imagine that, a far left flaming racist who worships at the Church of Wokeness calling anyone a cultist and claiming anyone's support of anything is a "weird devotion" is.....well....weird!

And they're paying her for this stuff, in spite of the fact when it comes to low ratings, she's the female Jim Jones of cable news'. Now, that's what I really call "weird".  

MAGA cultists? Really? How about MAGA Is the New Sons and Daughters of Liberty.  Loyal citizens will only stand for so much, and now more and more loyal Americans are seeing leftist tyranny as commensurate with the tyranny that triggered the American Revolution.  And that's happening all across the board, including blacks who are avoiding Joe Biden like a bad smell "over open borders, vaccine mandates, the transgender agenda, and two-tier justice", and are trending Republican.  When asked: 

How likely are you to vote for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election?” 30% of Democrats said “very” or “somewhat likely.” Some 50% of black people agreed, as did 80% of Republicans.

So, are they MAGA "cultists" also?  (Black Democrats Hide from Voters Angry at Biden’s Migration)

Then there's that massive intellect, Rob Reiner, AKA, Meathead, who claims voting for Trump will cause U.S. to 'slip into fascism', and claims America can't survive if Trump isn't convicted,  of something, or for that matter, anything, and third party candidates are destroying democracy. Strange definition of democracy, but then again, I'm betting if you dug deeply enough into the garbage pile of nitwit's mind we'd find he thinks making Obama President for Life would be his definition of democracy. 

But the fact is, the more Trump is indicted the more he rises in the polls,.  Furthermore, his favorability is much broader than the media and the political element would claim.  Veterans love Trump, it's the Republican party they find distasteful. 

And of course we're all shocked, shocked I tell you, to see that nitwit Never Trumper, Karl Rove, who just about has a monopoly for predictions and analysis that's unendingly wrong, once again misinterprets the polls. It turns out, voters really do want Trump.  No matter what the media touts, and Never Trumpers claim, it's clear, Trump will be the nominee, lawfare indictments notwithstanding, and some are coming to the fore to say so.  That number is going to increase substantially long before the first primaries, those who keep running against him will look like fools, and what will be left of the political careers of some of the most prominent will be like John Kasich and Liz Chaney appearing on MSNBC to share their clabber for people who won't be watching, and don't care what they say.

  • Gingrich on GOP Primary: 'This Race Is Over' - The GOP had it's second debate last night, and I guess the best description I've seen thus far was: "Well, that was embarrassing and perhaps the most humiliating few hours in modern political history
  • Eight Little Voices Jeffrey Folks Based on what we saw in the first GOP debate, it appears that Trump will be the Republican candidate for president.....
  • Indiana Senator Mike Braun Endorses Trump for President. - United States Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) has endorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. In an interview, Braun said, "Donald Trump is a businessman and outsider... Donald Trump is the candidate capable of returning us to the America First policies that delivered unmatched prosperity and security for the American people," before adding, "I give Donald Trump my endorsement for President of the United States............
  • Enough of the Junior Varsity Debates - However, the charges against Trump are bogus and politicized. Biden’s Justice Department must not determine the GOP presidential nominee, it must remain the decision of Republican Party voters..........
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders Endorses: ‘Our Country Has Never Needed Donald Trump More’  - Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR) formally endorsed former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Wednesday night right as the third Republican debate began.  Sanders, who served as press secretary in the Trump administration, joined Trump at a rally in Hialeah, Florida, which he held as counter-programming to the Miami debate 11 miles away. Sanders took the stage ahead of the 45th president’s remarks and said, “Our country has never needed Donald Trump more than we do right now.”......
  • Sen. Daines to Rest of GOP Field: Drop Out, Coalesce Behind Trump for President - National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) chairman Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) is calling on everyone but former President Donald Trump to drop out of the 2024 GOP presidential primary and coalesce behind Trump. “I was surprised, but I think that’s the right move,” Daines said, according to Politico, when former Vice President Mike Pence dropped out of the race on Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) event in Las Vegas, Nevada......

Trump's presidency looks better and better every day:

Do you remember those highway billboards with former President George W. Bush waving and the caption: "Do you miss me yet"? We need a few of those billboards for President Trump. Love or hate him, his presidency looks better and better in comparison every minute.

So, If Trump is elected I truly believe Trump will appoint  a mad dog in the meat market  as his Attorney General, and he will go after these leftist criminals that the Justice Department, and the FBI have been protecting.  Especially the Biden Crime Family, who has "raked in millions of dollars from some of our biggest adversaries, including China and Russia, as well as Romania and Ukraine, while Joe Biden was vice president."  And that will just be the start.

Trump has a position on one issue I find disgusting.  He's willing to negotiate with murders regarding abortion. Abortion is the murder of the unborn innocent, and any deviation from that moral value is corruption at a foundational level, a foundational value that was held sacred for thousands of years.  If one can "negotiate" over such a clear moral principle, what other "values' are negotiable?  The sad thing is this is a problem across the board.  

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