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Monday, November 20, 2023

Promoting American Election Integrity

The major components of the election procedure are: 1) voter, 2) machine, and 3) process  (e.g., ballot handling). Election Integrity means that ALL the major aspects of the election procedure are done accurately, honestly, and transparently, in a timely fashion.  Our team of authors of 2020 election-related analyses are unpaid volunteers, whose expertise covers a wide range of fields (Cyber Security, IT, Statistics, Physics, Economics, etc.). Our main interest is to contribute our small part in assuring election integrity. Starting in November of 2020, we have generated multiple 2020 election-related studies. Our main reports (in chronological order) are:

  1. - Pennsylvania Report,
  2. - Michigan Report,
  3. Election Spikes Report,
  4. Claudia Tenney Report (NY-22),
  5. Edison Timeseries Distribution Analysis,
  6. - List of 2020 Presidential-related Election Lawsuits  (plus Text Summary),
  7. Critique of MITRE Report,
  8. - 2020 Presidential Election Contrast Analysis,
  9. - Election Integrity: Recommendations Report (plus one page digest of State recommendations), and
  10. -Post Election Audits: Verifying Election Integrity. (Here is a short video about our Audit Report.
  11.   Also: affidavits and less formal reports on Michigan, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, PennsylvaniaMilwaukee, Arizona, etc.

Since the media hasn’t done a good job of publicizing material they consider “contrarian,” we often get asked: what are some other quality 2020 election-related studies?  Although we haven’t done exhaustive research on other reports, here are some of our favorites:

These reports are specifically about voting machines (some of the above reports also discuss machines):

Here is a good general election resource: Ballotpedia’s: Election laws and legislation in the United StatesIf you are aware any other quality post-2020 election-related reports — or would like to get on our email list for our popular free Newsletter — please email us at,

Make sure to include your name and where you live.

Note 1: Dozens of national and state Conservative organizations have recently made a major commitment to the election integrity issue. Kudos to them!  

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