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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Divide Among American Jews

November 28, 2023 By Howard J. Warner

This week was a sad awakening for me.  I attended a discussion group regarding the situation in the Mideast at my synagogue.  Of the ten attendees I was the only one to express concern about the level of anti-Semitism which was occurring around the USA.  Others that spoke expressed their concern about the aggressiveness of the Israeli government and negative treatment of Arabs.  

I entered the room somewhat depressed that so many people will die because of the Oct 7th attack but left even more upset.  These people were approaching the issue based upon their dislike of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and admiration for the socialist origins of Israel rather than the present facts...........

Ultra-Orthodox groups such as the Satmar Hasidim and Neturei Karta (an offshoot of Haredi Jews that originated in Jerusalem in 1938) reject political Zionism and therefore reject the state of Israel............... The alliance between Marxism and Islam has encouraged young Jews to carry signs saying “Jews for Palestine” because they are ignorant of its meaning.  ............Christians regularly tell me of their support for Israel.  But among middle-aged and older Jews I find lukewarm support with some hesitant to express strong support for the Gaza incursion.  ............In Israel it is apparent that some on the political Left has recognized that their strategy for “land for peace” and coexistence with Palestinian Arabs has not succeeded.  .......To Read More.....

My Take - One thing is clear.   If anyone ever wondered why Israeli politics is so complicated with all those political parties in their Knesset it's because Jewish views are in no way monolithic, even at the expense of the nation of Israel.

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