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Monday, November 27, 2023

Chickens coming home to roost-1

Karma's a bitch 

By Michael D. Shaw Nov 16, 2023 @ Mike's Point of View

 Multiple generations of failed policies can no longer be denied, nor will the usual cover-ups work anymore…

The denial and suppression of anti-Communist activities, including the mindless attacks on the late Senator Joseph McCarthy only served to embolden sinister left-wing forces. More than half a century later, some lifelong liberals, such as Alan Dershowitz, are starting to realize that they may have been wrong. How sad that tikkun olam blew up in their faces.

Likewise, to no one’s surprise, Code Pink, using the deep pockets of Neville Roy Singham, is up to its neck in supporting the pro-Hamas rallies.

Popular YouTube creator Daniel Harris aka Razörfist posted an excellent video on how the pop culture, especially Hollywood, misled us on the “evils” of anti-Communism. The entire 30 minute show is well worth your time, but at least check out his conclusion.

After decades of ignoring the homeless encampments in many major cities, one of them—located under a major freeway in downtown Los Angeles—burst into flames, which will cause the “indefinite” shutdown of an essential artery. God only knows how outbreaks of disease have been avoided—assuming this has not been covered-up. Arson has been blamed, but who knows? The arsonist could have been the city of LA or Caltrans itself.

Related to this is the miraculous cleanup of portions of San Francisco just before the visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Like magic, the homeless, drug paraphernalia, and human feces disappeared. How fitting that this could be arranged for a Communist dictator, but not for the people of San Francisco themselves.

Disney has managed to destroy the formerly bulletproof Indiana Jones, Marvel, and Star Wars franchises by endlessly and needlessly inserting empowered females and beta males into the proceedings, along with pointless race-swapping and other diversity parameters. If that weren’t bad enough, obnoxious lead actresses Brie Larson, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Rachel Zegler hilariously attempt to explain the massive failures by blaming it all on an imaginary toxic male fanbase.

With at least eight money-losing releases in a row, the House of Mouse would be advised to change course, and it is likely that a boardroom revolt will be coming soon. For now, though, doubling down on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is the prevailing mode.

For many years, the US Women’s National Soccer Team was extremely popular. They were winning—a lot—while the Men’s team consistently played poorly, and still does. During the tenure of coach Jill Ellis (a lesbian), the favoring of lesbian players was obvious, as was the promoting of rabidly anti-American player Megan Rapinoe. Stories would emerge that the straight players were being intimidated into silence.

Many soccer fans were surprised to see that Rapinoe was to play a large role in the 2023 World Cup, as her skills had clearly diminished. She was inexplicably chosen to make an essential penalty kick, which she missed—some think on purpose. The team suffered its worst tournament performance ever. And, during her final club appearance, she tore her Achilles tendon. In a startling display of entitlement, cluelessness, and bigotry, she averred that her injury proved that God does not exist.

Many fans believe that the exact opposite was demonstrated.

With cancel culture in full force at the execrable Washington Post, a cartoon by Michael Ramirez was published, and then pulled. While it is indisputable that Hamas hides behind civilian women and children, apparently the large nose on the figure was considered too big of an insult to bear. Imagine! A cartoonist portraying someone’s face in caricature. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to realize that the nose was just a convenient excuse to remove content that infuriated its Leftist audience.

I guess that the Post’s unctuous motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness” doesn’t apply to its own editorial standards. At any rate, forever pushing the same tired PC talking points does not seem to be a winning strategy, with big cuts in the wind. Pride will likely prevent any meaningful change, because, you know, they’re right!

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