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Monday, November 27, 2023

Harmony Requires Definition

By Rich Kozlovich 

Definition leads to clarity, clarity leads to understanding, understanding leads to good decision making. Good decision making leads to harmony, and that's why the nation and the Republicans lack harmony.  The failure to properly define the reality going on around them that America is divided into two camps. Those who see America in danger, and work to save it, and those who are putting American in danger, and wish to destroy it.  Those who are endangering America infest both parties.  And as I watch what they say and do, I wonder at their sanity as the consequences of their machinations are obvious to the most casual observer.  Economic ruin and violence. 

I've been writing a running a series of commentaries about the 2024 election, and the Gong Show known as the GOP Presidential debates, and it's not been pretty.  These "debates" bore the nation because they're dealing with people who have no business being where they are, doing what they're doing, and are in fact, are clueless losers.  

However, perhaps if they actually dealt with real issues maybe it would be different.  Such as this important "elephant in the room" issue that seems to be invisible to all the candidates, the moderators, and the media.   Why did they think banks all over the country are going belly up, a lot more are on the verge, and what needs to be done about it?  I doubt the answers would have been enlightening. 

Then again, maybe it's better for them to bicker about Tik Tok, curtains and why Trump would be bad for democracy instead of attacking Biden and the Democrats. That way we got a better insight as to who and what they are, and that’s not been a pretty sight.

There will be no uniting the Republican party as it's currently configured. The Republican's answer to Obama, was John McCain and Mitt Romney. Now.... I just have to ask you ...... why would anyone think they should be called the Stupid Party?

The nation is totally divided between the left, which clearly and openly wants to destroy the American identity, the American culture, the America economy, and in order to impose a tyrannical socialist government on the nation, they must destroy the Constitution. The right knows that as sure as day follows night, and will not stand for it. There can be no compromise as there are no shared values, only conflicting goals and aspirations, i.e., good versus evil.

The answer can only be total victory over the left, and the same is true for the Republican party. Total victory over the RINO's is the only solution to a united Republican party, along with another Tom Delay (The Hammer) as Majority Whip to whip the invertebrate Republicans into line.

Nikki Haley is toast for national politics after this, at least as a Republican, however, I keep asking, where exactly do all these never Trumpers think they're going to go? The Democrats may cater to them for propaganda purposes, but they will never have a seat at that table, and they're now traitors to the Republican base.   I'll tell you what, we’ll come back to that.

As for DeSantis, the truth be told, I don't understand DeSantis at all. While I liked what he'd done and stood for in Florida (although there are those who have serious allegations over some issues) I just can’t understand his thinking.

While I initially thought Trump was making a mistake with his petty attacks against DeSantis, none of that changed the fact Trump was going to be the nominee, because let’s face it. That’s Trump…in spades…so no one really cared.

DeSantis is a smart guy. He had to have understood that. If he was running to negotiate to drop out for a Sec. of State appointment, I would think that could better happen if he openly supported Trump, that, or any other offer, is clearly never going to be on the table.

Was he thinking he was laying ground work for 2028? Then supporting Trump was a far better option. Now, because of his lack of wisdom and insight, I now think his national political aspirations are as dead as John Kasich's. He's just not a weird as Kasich. But being less weird than Kasich isn't all that hard, I've met him.

With all that's gone on the base is just a little bit outraged at him. Nikki Haley is even beating him in some polls. The question that needs asked and answered? Who was DeSantis listening to when he made his decision to run? I think that would be telling.

So, Is there a "moderate" party in the making uniting the Mitt Romney Republicans with the Joe Manchin Democrats? I think there's going to be an effort in that direction, a very short effort, and while if it starts, it will make nice press, but their numbers are too small, there will be insufficient funding, and the only real uniting factor they have is they hate Trump. 

That's not a glue that can create, or bind a third party together for a long hard, expensive road to national prominence. They have no shared vision, solutions, or direction. So that’s toast even before it starts, if it even starts.  Furthermore, since they have no shared values, and will all view each other as untrustworthy traitors to their parities .....who will be their leader? 

I fear where all this is heading. Those who've written books about historical cycles all agree we're at the end of a cycle, and end of cycle scenarios all show serious issues with economics and violence. We're seeing the economic disaster in the making, and if the economy collapses can violence be avoided? I don't think so. I’m not optimistic. Hopeful, but not optimistic.

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