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Monday, November 27, 2023

Global Warming is a Corrupt, Criminal, Misanthropic, and Neo-Pagan Movement!

By Rich Kozlovich 

On November 25, 2023 John Horvat II published this article at American Thinker, Poll finds it takes faith to believe in global warming saying:

Many people wonder why Pope Francis focuses so much on climate change. Indeed, two papal documents concentrate exclusively on the matter. The latest apostolic exhortation, Laudate Deum, bitterly complains about how the People of God have not heeded earlier warnings. The pope’s trip to Dubai’s COP28 eco-conference only highlights this dire gospel of impending climatic doom. Part of the mystery behind the intense focus is solved by looking at an October poll of Americans of Faith and their attitudes toward climate change. Pope Francis has especially targeted American Catholics as failing to understand the crisis.

 As a result of this piece I decided to go back into my files, and this isn't all there is:

Francis: The Apostate Pope - Francis’ doctrinal views are most definitely Globalist, Internationalist, and Liberation theology from his encyclicals, preaching, and actions. He has been modifying several Catholic dogmas such as the ordination of women, embracing LGBT in the church, allowing the legal recognition of same-sex couples (marriage), and others that were previously anathema to the church..............Francis has deliberately inserted himself into doctrinal issues such as economics, politics, immigration, and climate change. He is an outspoken critic of capitalism and free-market economics, the very entities that brought hundreds of millions of people out of poverty all over the world.  It is Capitalism that allows for prosperity, not Socialism.........

Pope Sings the Praises of Obama’s Global Warming Agenda - Pope Francis was quick to praise President Barack Obama’s plan to fight global warming during a Wednesday morning speech at the White House. Francis extolled Obama for “reducing air pollution” and taking the fight against global warming seriously.“It seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem that can no longer be left to a future generation,” Francis told those gathered at the White House. “When it comes to the care of our common home, we are living at a critical moment in history.”......
How a controversial letter from Pope Francis shaped climate politics and the Biden 2020 campaign - “We have a good one now,” Vice President Joe Biden laughed as he read aloud a leaked draft of Pope Francis’s landmark encyclical on climate change. It was June 2015, and Biden was addressing a White House-sponsored forum on clean energy investment, his first public appearance since his son Beau’s death from cancer in May. The vice president was in good spirits. Just the day before, numerous media outlets had obtained an early copy of Pope Francis’s book-length letter on the environment. For Biden, the contents were encouraging: Francis framed climate change similarly to the way the Obama administration did — as both a moral and economic issue.........
His Holiness Pope Francis is Misleading People on Climate Change - Pope Francis and I were both Chemistry majors undergrad.  We may not have been in the same school, but I am confident he knows of the Le Chatelier Principle as applied to gases.  It says: “When a system at equilibrium is subjected to a change in concentration,  temperature, volume, or pressure the system reacts to counteract the effect of the change and a new equilibrium is established.”  This is a critical relationship in understanding the atmosphere as it is a closed system in a gravity bottle more efficient than any container we have yet created.  Gravity is so efficient we lose only 200 kilograms, 440 pounds, of hydrogen and helium every year; gases we do not care not about and from the five quintillion tons of air surrounding Earth.  That said:  If we add anything to the atmosphere something leaves, per the laws of nature as revealed to man by experimental work.........It appears Pope Francis has sold out to the forces of darkness that choose to alarm the people with a declaration easily shown to be a lie!  We know that on examining “man-caused global warming” in the light of his education, which is identical to mine, there is no substance.  The facts of the matter are simple and easily confirmed as we show in our demo experiment.........
Caruba's Corner: Global Warming? The Pope is Wrong- I have devoted the better part of more than two and a half decades speaking out against the charlatans that have created and maintained the greatest hoax ever imposed on modern man. At the heart of this hoax has been the United Nations environmental program and at the heart of that program is an agenda to initiate a massive redistribution of wealth from industrialized, successful nations to those who have suffered, as often as not, from being ruled by despots of one description or another. It is with profound sorrow and disappointment that I must now speak out against Pope Francis, the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, whom observers have noted has “a green agenda.” He has become an outspoken advocate on environmental issues, saying that taking action is “essential to faith” and calling the destruction of nature a modern sin..................

The Climate Skeptic’s Guide To Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit: Talking Points About The Pope and Global Warming  - Get Your Climate Skeptic's Guide To the Pope's Visit. No Visit is Complete Without One!  Highlights: 'When the Pope speaks on climate change, he is not speaking authoritatively on Catholic doctrine. He is merely offering his opinion.' Scientist: 'Most of the scientific claims cited in Pope’s encyclical are not true.' 'There has been nothing short of an 'Unholy Alliance' between the Vatican and promoters of man-made climate fear. The Vatican advisors can only be described as a brew of anti-capitalist, pro-population control advocates' 'If the pope from 300 years ago could see our world today, he'd say it was actually cleaner and healthier than his own era.' 'The Vatican is aligning itself with a UN climate agenda that is at odds with major aspects of Catholic teachings and doctrine.'.........

When the average person thinks the way this Pope thinks it’s understandable, because the average person is typically uninformed, misinformed, and for the most part is either only moderately interested  or not interested at all.  But that's not acceptable for someone in a major leadership role.  For those in major leadership positions to spew out this kind of nonsense is not only  inexcusable, it’s criminal  

People in major leadership positions, including the Pope, are at the center of the information world.  To believe they don’t know these claims of "manmade" catastrophic climate change is the greatest hoax perpetrated on humanity since evolution, is irrational!   

The Pope, along with all those on the left, profess to be so concerned about the poor and the weak, yet if the plans and schemes the left and the environmental movement wish to impose on humanity, "to save the world", were implemented, they would do nothing more than deliver the only thing for which the left/green movements are most famous:   

Dystopia!  Poverty, misery, suffering, disease, and early death.  He and all the rest must know that.  And on top of that, they're not saving the planet!!!!!

He made nice with the last socialist mass murderer left in the world, Fidel Castro,  never saying a word about the incredible lack of justice in Cuba’s legal system.  Yet he visited a prison in America to highlight they’re overcrowded because these “poor” prisoners can’t afford bail.  No mention is made of whether these prisoners deserve to be there or not.   
And as far as I can tell he’s not mentioned, at least publicly,  anything about the persecution and murder of Christians in Muslim controlled lands, which amounts to genocide, which is prescribed in the Koran, and as far as I can tell, he's been silent on the horrors perpetrated by the Hamas Nazis.  Apparently "Islam’s atrocities don’t fit his narrative."

We use words to convey instructions and to give meaning to thoughts and ideas.  Physicist John Droz noted in his slide presentation "Science Under Assault" the green movement is great at slight of hand word morphology. What was originally called Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming morphed into Anthropogenic Global Warming, then Global Warming, then Climate Change and finally - at least until the next change - Climate Disruption.

Why did the green/left find all these changes necessary? Simple.  Reality and ideology don't always play well together, or even in the same sandbox.  So, here's a dose of climate reality:

  • Climate is constantly changing.  
  • It has constantly changed throughout the Earth's history. 
  • Mankind isn't responsible for those changes.
  • Mankind is incapable of predicting those changes and totally incapable of stopping those changes. 
  • The forces behind climate change are:
    • Incredibly powerful
    • Not fully understood
    • Naturally occurring.
  • We can't predict weather correctly to any real degree of accuracy for even one or two weeks out,  yet were expected to believe climate, which is infinitely more complex than weather, can be predicted 50, 100 or even 150 years out.

So, when the evidence keeps piling up to show how nonsensical their claims are, they morph these phrases into something that becomes even less definitive. Climate Change became part of the mythology tenets of the neo-pagan green religion. Belief in manmade climate change is an misanthropic nature worshiping religious movement.  If they were alive today, the ancient nature worshiping Germanic Druids would be totally comfortable with the modern green movement.  Both require human sacrifice. 

However, although 'true believers' may be sincere in their misguided perceptions, the leaders within the movement are not misguided at all.  They know exactly what they're doing, they know what they want, and they know how to go about it.  These are the globalist, including the Pope, who recognize this is nothing more than, as one time President of France Jacques Chirac once stated, the first step in global governance. We really need to get that! 

Words mean things, but we need to understand that words are like history.  Both can be used to misdirect and confuse while promoting misinformation and misdirection to manipulate the public into accepting schemes that are detrimental to humanity as a whole. 

Unfortunately most will never take the time to find out what the facts truly are because it's so much easier to go along and get along. And if society is looking to the the mainstream media for help, well, that's an effort in futility. 

They're part of the problem, not the solution.

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