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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Why Palestine Fails

November 16, 2023 By Michael Widlanski

Before creating another “Palestinian state,” let’s consider its chance of success. We’ve had several different Arab states in and around Palestine. All failed, some disastrously.  Will yet another Palestinian state envisioned by Anthony Blinken or some think tank become just one more “failed state,” indeed a state destined to fail? Yasser Arafat’s PLO operates a corrupt and failing state-in-waiting on Israel’s eastern flank, in an area commonly called “the West Bank.”  It has failed in everything but terror for 30 years.

Well-meaning Israeli leftists, backed by well-meaning U.S. think-tanks and State Department officials, believed Arafat and the PLO had become “moderates.” They gave them Gaza and the West Bank, offering them a ready-made Palestinian state. The PLO-Israel agreements of 1993-95 -- were meant to bring an era of peace.  Instead, they brought an era of terror: 2,000 Israelis were murdered in less than a decade. From Day One, the PLO violated all pacts with Israel, smuggled weapons, staged terror attacks........To Read More....

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